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Baby Names With Veer At The End, Boys with this name definitely become fearless and brave, there is no need to teach anything – baby boy names with veer at the end – 2024-03-30 23:12:02

2024-03-30 23:12:02

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Avir and Kavir

These two names are very similar to each other. The name Avir means brave, one who fights for peace, strong and persistent. Kavir is the name of a famous historical prince. Surya is also known as Kavir. It means fire, bright and radiant.

Manveer and Tanveer

Both these names are more liked among Punjabis and the name Tanveer is for both boys and girls. The meaning of the name Manveer is one who has a courageous mind, who is courageous and fearless in heart and mind. The meaning of the name Tanveer is enlightened, rays of light and strong.

Samarveer and Rajveer

Both these names sound like royal names. Samarveer name meaning is war hero, faith, companion and war leader. Apart from this, the meaning of the name Rajveer is Courageous and Brave King, Hero of the Land, Warrior of the Kingdoms, Mighty, Powerful and Courageous.

Aryaveer and Karanveer

You can give your baby boy either of these two names. The name Aryaveer means brave, courageous and fearless. Whereas the name Karanveer means brave, kind and brave like the warrior Karna.

Sanveer and Harveer

Both these names also sound like Sikh or Punjabi. Talking about the name Sanveer, this name means strong and brave. Whereas the name Harveer means warrior of God, brave defender for God. You can choose either of these two names for your son.

Yashveer and Ranveer

Yashveer is quite a unique name and this name smells of royal style. The name Yashveer means glorious and brave. Talking about the name Ranveer, the meaning of this name is war i.e. war hero, winner, brave or courageous and powerful warrior.

By giving any one of these names, you can make your son brave, courageous, courageous and fearless.

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