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Intake Online tops weekly price decline on DSE – 2024-03-30 23:52:46

2024-03-30 23:52:46

Among the companies and mutual funds that participated in trading on Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main capital market of the country, the share price of Intake Online Limited fell the most during the outgoing week (March 24 to 28).

The company’s shares topped DSE’s weekly price decliners list as investor interest waned. This information was revealed on the basis of DSE’s weekly market review on Saturday (March 30).

According to the data, the share price of Intake Online fell by 16.07 percent in the outgoing week. The closing price of the company’s shares was Rs 28 in the previous week. And at the end of the farewell week, the closing price of the company stood at Tk 23.50. With this, the company’s shares have risen to the top of DSE’s weekly price decliners list.

Other companies that topped the list of weekly price decliners on DSE included AFC Agro 14.12 percent, Shepherd Industries 14.11 percent, Fortune Suze 13.50 percent, Fareast Finance 12.50 percent, Evins Textiles 12.50 percent, Bangladesh Building Systems ( BBS) lost 11.98 percent, Orion Infusion 11.55 percent, BD Lamps 11.53 percent and Saif Power Tech 11.26 percent.

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