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Pashinyan was in the Cadastre Committee. informed how many real estate transactions were made in Armenia – 2024-03-31 00:10:59

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Cadastre Committee in 2023. in order to discuss the activity report, reports the government.

The message states:

“The head of the committee, Suren Tovmasyan, and his deputies reported on the reforms and measures implemented during the reporting period.

It was reported that in 2023 the works of adjusting the cadastral maps of the communities covered by the RA orthophoto floor lines, correcting the administrative boundaries of the communities and cadastral districts in the cadastral maps have been carried out and are ongoing. There is a simplified procedure for correcting the borders of individual plots.

As a result of the cadastral map adjustment works, significant support was provided for the implementation of urban development and investment programs, the administration was significantly reduced, and the complaints submitted by the citizens were satisfied. Corrected cadastral maps are the basis of state registration of rights. Correction of cadastral maps of 344 settlements was carried out, of which 186 were corrected during 2023. Administrative boundaries of 21 communities and the city of Yerevan with a length of about 2400 km have been corrected. Of approximately 100,000 unidentified property units, 19,000 were surveyed, of which 9,500 were identified and mapped as appropriate.

Within the framework of the creation and implementation of the pilot sectoral cadastre, the digitization and integration of automobile roads in Shirak region into the national geoportal was carried out.

Adjustment and comparison of cadastral maps with orthophoto floor plans, clarification and marking of interstate, republican and regional roads, rendering of roads in the national geoportal was carried out.

During the previous year, 93 objects were digitized: a total of 701,669 km, 1 interstate, 12 national and 80 local roads.

In the field of citizen service, the range of online services has been expanded. The number of online applications increased (35.8 percent of applications were submitted online).

The list of information provided online has been expanded, new information packages have been developed. The mobile application of online services has been introduced.

Compared to previous years, the number of visits to maparmenia and platforms has significantly increased. Maparmenia: 2022 1,883, and in 2023 – 28,936. website had 855 thousand 708 visits in 2022, and 1 million 159 thousand 406 in 2023.

Online requests for information (automated response) have also increased. if in 2020 3 thousand 203 online requests were received, then in 2023 – 43 thousand 199.

The registration process of voluntary structures is also being carried out in order to include them in the property tax base. This will also contribute to increasing the budgets of the municipalities.

The officials informed that 220,000 real estate transactions were carried out in the republic last year, which is 7.2 percent more than in 2022. The number of transactions decreased by 6 percent in Yerevan. According to Suren Tovmasyan, 60,000 real estate transactions were carried out in Yerevan last year, and 64,000 in 2022. It was noted that Vayots Dzor, Kotayk, and Gegharkunik marzes became active in the number of transactions. In 2023, the Cadastre Committee handled 800,000 transaction applications instead of 700,000 in 2022.

Last year, 7.5 billion drams were collected for the services provided by the committee, which, according to the officials, is unprecedented.

In 2023, 10 thousand 121 newly built residential areas were commissioned in Armenia. In this regard, the Prime Minister noted. “Besides, the statistics are very interesting. The number of residential areas commissioned in 2018 is 2 thousand 285, in 2019 – 3 thousand 246, in 2020 – 4 thousand 235, in 2021 – 6 thousand 364, in 2022 – 6 thousand 463, in 2023 – 10 thousand 121: In other words, since 2018, 32 thousand 714 newly built residential areas have been commissioned. This is a very encouraging number.”

In the current year, it is planned to carry out reforms in the fields of service provision and registration, to develop a strategic document for the exchange and integration of spatial data, to implement a data access policy in order to provide citizens with accurate information.”

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