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“I apologize, I lost control.” Then she bursts into tears –

by Federica Bandirali

The meeting was organized by “Le Iene”. Toaff reiterated again that the push to report was the insult to his professionalism

The apologies and then the tears. In last night’s episode of “Le Iene” there was a personal confrontation between Rocco Siffredi and Alisa Toaff, the journalist who reported him. I apologized to her. Unfortunately, the journalist found herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person, because psychologically I had been under stress for two months. I’ve lost control, but I’m not playing the victim. I had a moment of crisis said Siffredi. A comparison that Toaff, with cameras on, in front of Iena Roberta Rei, comments thus: “We have clarified ourselves. In short, his wife and I had a bad time. It was a human error. I want to clarify: Rocco has never touched me physically. For me, what pushed me to report were the last two vowels, I found them serious, sexist and in any case denigrating towards myself, both as a professional and as a woman”. Siffredi responded clearly, almost as if to take a step back: “It may be that, as you said, you are depressed, it may be that I have problems, but I don’t feel like treating myself, I don’t feel like taking antidepressants because I think I’m better. strong from depression, the truth. But obviously something is wrong and therefore the best thing to do is to take a step back and try to find myself again. After these words he burst into tears, he got up from the chair and kicked and punched the wall before entering the bathroom.

After calming down and after the journalist joined him in the bathroom, the porn actor added: “I’m an a**hole. My wife is the most important person I have. Seeing my children say ‘Daddy you are an idiot. When do you understand that we love you? When do you understand?’ Seeing my wife like this, because it’s you…I don’t know how to explain. I didn’t invent the series, the series is my life. I had problems with the family, I can’t tell anything other than my life. which I’m sorry to see what I did to you and what I did to my wife and my children. She’s totally right and that’s it. It’s true that I said that Borghi while having sex didn’t represent me and I repeat, I don’t… But I said it to him too – said Siffredi, referring to the interview -. Because as if I had said ‘But what have I shown for 40 years? Why can’t we show the reason why I did this job here? Because I like it sex. I got angry when you said that I’m going on set to let off steam. That stuff hurt me because as if I felt that for 40 years I was a sex addict. I sent you that vowel exclusively because inside I was extremely confused about myself. And I said ‘But why did you cheat on me? Why? Why are you writing this stuff to me?’ Do you need to sell two more items?’ That’s how I saw it.”

Toaff reiterated again that the push to report was the insult to her professionalism: “As a person not used to those insults, I honestly found them denigrating and I am a woman”. The meeting ended with a hug. “Now everything is over,” said the journalist, “I understand that you have understood the mistake. Enough.”

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March 27, 2024 (changed March 27, 2024 | 12:30)

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