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Election Campaign Meeting: Seeman Urges Voters to Support Naam Tamilar Party Candidate in Virudhunagar Constituency

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Correspondent: T. Navaneethaganesh

An election campaign meeting was held in support of Virudhunagar Parliamentary Constituency candidate Kaushik on behalf of Naam Tamilar Party in Vellakottai area of ​​Aruppukottai of Virudhunagar district. Nam Tamilar Party Chief Coordinator Seeman attended the meeting and delivered a special speech. He then spoke…

PM Modi

There is not a man here who dares to say ‘need’ and ‘need’ somewhere else. Here everyone’s hands are dirty and everyone is standing with their hands tied for fear of Income Tax enforcement raids. We stand alone without fear of ED raid, IT raid, NIA raid. The achievement of this three-year Dravidian rule was to establish Karunanidhi everywhere as Karunanidhi.

BJP has ruled India for a decade and is the largest party ruling in 22 states. A little boy looks at Seaman and why do you play with his symbol. If someone in a crowd opposes you, it means you are growing. If a crowd opposes you, it means you are growing. We are grown so you tremble. Everyone should have that fear. They will think that they have taken away the symbol. But today you are voting on my symbol.


We know how to save Kachchathiwe I will create a weaving force in which only the fisherman have a chance. Whether the fisherman is carrying petrol or not, I will give him weapons including hand grenades. Keep it in hand and if it touches you, make it an international issue and I’ll take care of the rest. If you tell me why no one catches fishermen crossing the border from Kerala, you will get angry. That’s because they were born to really good parents.

There is no one person to rule this country, should Modi or Rahul come? You don’t have a clue to buy water from Kaveri, why Tamil vote? If I think this is selfish then why should I not have an alliance? Those who have alliances get all symbols. GK.Vasan gets the bicycle symbol and sir TTV Dhinakaran gets the cooker symbol. Why only we get mike and no symbol asked for.


Anyone from all over India should stand in front of my symbol and vote. Seeman said vote for us on mic symbol.

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