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Hepatitis outbreak sets off alarms Cienfuegos – 2024-05-10 18:16:44

2024-05-10 18:16:44

The community of the Reina district, in Cienfuegos, became the epicenter of a worrying outbreak of hepatitis A, putting health authorities and the community on alert.

Dr. Liván Rojas Lantigua, in charge of health management in Cienfuegos, highlighted in a press conference the concentration of cases in four blocks of the Reina neighborhood and the supposed “effort” to carry out control of the disease focus.

“The majority of cases are concentrated in four blocks of that district, where they carry out focus control of the disease, which has an incubation period which ranges between 15 and 50 days”he stressed, as reported by the official media Perlavisión.

The information note detailed that since the diagnosis of the first case, belonging to office 3 of the José Luis Chaviano polyclinic, health actions aimed at preventing the spread of the virus were intensified.

However, no details were provided about the total number of infected people or the evolution of the outbreak, which has kept the population in suspense regarding the epidemiological situation.

According to reports from the same television station, more than 5,000 residents of communities in Reina have been affected in some way by the situation.

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Although the control of outbreaks to detect the virus has concluded, investigations continue to be carried out in homes to maintain health surveillance, focusing on the epidemiological history of contacts and the symptomatic treatment of infected patients.

Likewise, it mentions that, supposedly, the families were given access to sodium hypochlorite, essential for disinfecting the water they consume.

In another vein, the people of Cienfuegos show their concern not only about the disease, but also about the shortage of medicines both in that region and in every corner of the communist island.

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