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“Dancing with the stars”: Inès Reg at the top of the ranking, Anthony Colette’s tears, Cristina Cordula eliminated

2024-03-30 04:42:23

The strategy of avoidance. This is the method used by TF 1 after the altercations which marred “Dancing with the Stars”. The show has in fact preferred not to mention the problems that punctuate this new season. What was going to happen this Friday evening in “Dancing with the Stars” on TF 1? The mystery had been well kept for several days by the production and the channel. Since our revelations on the altercation between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier which resulted in two handrails from the Canadian singer and her dancer Anthony Colette, but also accusations of racism made by the comedian of 31 years, viewers of the program but also Internet users have become passionate about these stories of disagreements (the word is weak) behind the scenes of the ballroom dance competition.

Finally, at the start of an evening whose theme was the mystery guest, the matter was brought up, and quickly relegated. “We are no longer in France, we are in Michigan, we see you on television with your feet on the coffee table,” says Camille Combal, at 9:18 p.m., before adding: “This week James Denton was not disoriented, he believed that the series was back. Dancing with the Stars was Wisteria Lane, downplays Camille Combal in reference to the series Desperate Housewives, full of drama. But it’s this evening, if you have a problem, you can contact me, I’m your contact. Tonight is all about love, we’re here to entertain you.” The camera shows Inès Reg, cowboy hat screwed on her head, nodding. For more than a week, neither TF 1 nor production had wanted to officially express their disagreements. Only Camille Combal had already spoken on her talk show “Camille et images”.

VIDEO. DALS: insults, handrails… What is going on between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier?

And at the end of an interminable evening, nothing was mentioned about the dispute, causing the exasperation of Internet users but not only that. “The production should have appropriated the bad buzz to turn it around, to gain an audience,” says a keen observer of the media world. You can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. Viewers are not stupid”

Natasha St-Pier applauds Inès Reg’s performance

As for the competition, the evening, too long, was punctuated by the appearances of the mystery guests and ended at 12:10 a.m., with the elimination of Cristina Cordula opposite James Denton, saved by the public vote. However, his son had arrived without much surprise (already very present since the start of the season) for his mother, then Cécile Chatudeau for Adeline Toniutti, the big brother and best friend for Nico Capone. On the James Denton side, Candice, his partner, imagined Leonardo from Caprio… It was one of his cousins ​​with a singing accent who arrived on the floor, causing some mockery on social networks.

VIDEO. “I am the Arab in this story”: Inès Reg returns to the clash with Natasha St-Pier in “Dancing with the Stars”

At 10:16 p.m., it’s the moment of truth for Inès Reg on a “contemporary rumba”. Mickaël, the candidate’s best friend will come to join her as a surprise. No trace in his “recorder” report of the tensions of the week in rehearsals. She launches into “Si je m’en sor”, with Christophe Licata, dressed all in white. The successful performance ends with tears from the comedian. The competitors all stand up, even Natasha St-Pier, with one exception. Anthony Colette who refuses to participate in the standing ovation. On social networks, the subject “Dals” (the diminutive of the name of the show, Editor’s note) is the most commented on in France. But many express their boredom at the lack of treatment of the tangles behind the scenes. The jurors gave 35 points to Inès Reg, placing her at the top of the ranking.

Anthony Colette in tears in front of his mother

Immediately followed by the best enemies, Natasha St-Pier and Anthony Colette. “Hectic week with Antho”, slips Camille Combal before presenting the couple who won first place the previous week with a painting in homage to “the Adams family”. Their mystery guest? Laurence, the mother of the dancer who achieves her effect. At the sight of him, Anthony Colette breaks down and bursts into tears in a suspended moment. The harsh jury only gave them 25 points, tied with James Denton. A real cold shower since the interpreter of “You will find” thus goes from first to penultimate place.

The passage of Black M joined by his wife Léa then offers the most beautiful moment of emotion of the evening on an ultra-romantic rumba. Roman Doduik wows with his jive and moves up the rankings. Like every Friday, you have to wait too late to see Keiona’s performance. The “queen” wants, this time, to show more sensitivities with a contemporary dance to “Commeils dire” performed by Lara Fabian. Moon, Vespi, Ginger Bitch and Mami watt, four of his acolytes from “Drag Race France” slip onto the stage, causing Keoina to cry and saving a choreography that was a little too expected.

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