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Dong-Hoon Han “It’s true that Moon-Seok Yang’s loan was fraudulent… “Sue me.”

“The victims are citizens and small business owners who did not receive (business loan)”
“If I had consulted with the safe staff, it would be breach of trust… only the name of the crime would change.”


On the 31st, Han Dong-hoon, Chairman of the People Power Party’s Emergency Response Committee, responded to the explanation of the expedient loan by Yang Moon-seok, Gyeonggi candidate for the Democratic Party of Korea, An San-gap, saying, “It is true that it was a fraudulent loan that caused damage to the people. Yang Moon-seok, please sue Han Dong-hoon.”

At a support rally held in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do this morning, Chairman Han said, “I saw something more absurd than the morning news. There is a person named Yang Moon-seok. He said, “He registered a business in the name of his college student daughter and borrowed 1.1 billion won from Saemaeum Safe to use for his house, even though he had no intention of doing business.”

He continued, “(The funds loaned by Candidate Yang) were business funds. This is money that businesses and merchants should spend. It took all of that, but this person says this. No one in my family has been harmed. “So it is not a fraud,” he criticized, adding, “The public has seen the damage, and the small business owners who did not receive the money are the victims.”

Chairman Han said, “If you think about it that way, if you drink and drive, there are no victims. Are there no victims of CEO Lee Jae-myeong’s corruption in Daejang-dong? Are there no victims when CEO Lee Jae-myeong used a (Gyeonggi-do) corporate card? “Are you kidding me?” he asked.

He continued, “This person said he would sue anyone who called his actions a fraudulent loan. I speak clearly. “Sue me first,” he said, pointing out, “If you make fake documents and attach a fake registration to get a loan that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get, that’s a fraudulent loan.”

Chairman Han said, “This person says, ‘This was done in consultation with Saemaeul Geumgo employees.’ If you do it, only the name of the crime will be changed.” He also emphasized, “If you try to do it, the charge may be changed to a breach of trust, but we call it fraud.”

He continued, “Democratic Party leaders say this. It would be okay if you apologized. They say there is no need to resign. “Why do they decide that?” he said. “It’s up to you to decide.” “It is something that the people must evaluate,” he said.

Chairman Han said, “I’ll say it again. I recite it again. That’s a fraudulent loan. “It is true that it was a fraudulent loan that harmed the people,” he said. “So, Mr. Yang Moon-seok, please sue Han Dong-hoon. So, let’s have an argument. “I will fight against the Democratic Party and Yang Moon-seok on behalf of all common sense people who think the same way as me,” he declared.

Meanwhile, in his statement the previous day, Candidate Yang expressed his position regarding the controversy over illegal loans related to the purchase of an apartment in Seocho-gu, Seoul, asking, “Has there been any victims of fraud with our family’s loans?” Saemaul Geumgo first proposed a business loan in the name of the eldest daughter and announced legal action against the media that raised suspicions of fraudulent loans.


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