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establishment of the very first union office within the company Guiter SA – 2024-03-31 03:54:56

At the request of employees, a union delegation was set up within Guiter SA. A first since the start of the company’s activities in Upper Guinea. It was this Tuesday, March 26, that the 542 workers spread across 4 polling stations voted to elect the company’s deputy transport manager, Oumar Sacko alias Bongo, candidate in this election.

He thus became the general secretary of the first union office of Guiter SA, an office affiliated with the USTG (Union Syndicale des Travailleurs de Guinée). A sigh of relief for him who is committed to defending the collective interest at all costs:
“I am very delighted with the mobilization of workers for the vote and thank God there is now a union in Guiter. Who says union, says arbitrator between general management and workers. I will do everything for the workers in favor of the company so that the work is not spoiled. We are elected to advance work and improve conditions for workers. For any problem, we will submit it to the company in order to find a solution and pass it on to the workers. »
For greater freedom and transparency, the election of the union office was placed under the supervision of the regional labor inspector of Kankan, who reassures that things took place according to the texts. Faya Camara: “I am very delighted, since the elections took place after several attempts. I really appreciated everyone’s mobilization. I found a very large number of voters on the ground. Everything took place in the best conditions in all the offices set up. In any case, it is a good result given the commitment of all parties. It was a long process, since the workers would have to join a central union. After this accession, this election was necessary. »
Ansoumane Kaba, CEO of Guiter SA is the president of Guinean employers, the absence of a union office in his company was therefore perceived by many as a pure and simple lack of will. For the human resources director, there was never any question of refusal from the CEO. It also motivates the choice of the USTG as the company’s union center:
“There are many who thought that the Guiter SA company, in particular its CEO, was opposed to the establishment of this union delegation, but it is the opposite. The elections took place in a friendly atmosphere and we believe that the choice of workers will be respected. Our company’s affiliation with the USTG union center is of crucial importance for several reasons. To defend workers’ rights and negotiate working conditions, also ensure more balanced communication between management and employees. We chose the USTG because we believe that it corresponds to the needs of our workers, the values ​​and the demands of the Guiter SA company. We believe that by affiliating with this central union, it will be able to better support the demands of Guiter SA to obtain more positive results during the negotiations. »
There is now a bridge between management and workers at Guiter SA to discuss possible improvements in working and living conditions.
Ahmed Sékou Nabé, correspondent for Kankan

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