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Diego López’s analysis for 2024: “We must improve in defense” – 2024-03-27 22:46:04

Two out of two for Barcelona in the preseason. After last Saturday’s victory against Sporting Cristal of Peru in Miami, the Idolo del Astillero celebrated again on the tour of the United States: beat New York City of the MLS 1-0! After the comparison, Diego Lopez He left his feelings about Barcelona’s preparation for the 2024 campaign and pointed out what they must improve to win a title.

«It’s been a tough preseason, we already have a few days in the United States but we started it in Guayaquil, working hard. I think we have a good intensity, now we are maintaining the rhythm and playing. It is not easy to compete against Sporting Cristal who are already about to play in the championship… We try to divide the workloads. “We are quite satisfied with the team’s performance,” said the Uruguayan strategist.

«In the first games, teams tend to forget what attention and concentration are. But in that sense we are fine. Today we play against a rival that won championships… We play against good rivals, very demanding. It’s good to win, after all the results are important. In this team you have to compete and win«he added.

In addition, he also took his time to analyze the weak points of the BSC in 2023, which ended without Olympic returns. «We are aware that last year it was not enough for us and we must increase the level. The club made an effort to do the preseason in the United States. Now there is peace of mind, we have to work hard for the competitions that are coming,” he commented.

And he closed: «When I said that we have to improve, that it was not enough for us, it was because we no longer kept a clean sheet. TWe have to avoid the centers and shots we receive. “We are going to have to improve on the defensive part.”

Barcelona is living its last days of preseason in the United States, which is why this Wednesday it played one of the two friendly matches it has pending. Their rival was New York City of the MLS, a team they beat 1-0.

The only goal of the match was scored by Francisco Fydriszewski in the 52nd minute after a corner kick. The Pole unmarked himself and kicked at the near post alone to beat the rival goalkeeper.

That was enough to beat the Americans at the IMG Academy in Florida. The match was held behind closed doors, without the public and without the press. What was known about the commitment was through the Bullfighters’ social networks.

Barcelona’s line-up was as follows: Javier Burrai, Mathias Suarez, Franklin Guerra, Luca Sosa, Hannibal Chala, Leonai Souza, Bruno Piñatares, Adonis Preciado, Janner Corozo, Gabriel Cortez and Francisco Fydriszewski.

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