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Immigration: List of traffickers in the hands of the EYP – Alarm in Athens for the increase in flows from the South – 2024-03-27 22:34:22

2024-03-27 22:34:22

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Alarm in Athens for the new wave of migration flows from the South. The Greek authorities have evidence of a ring of Egyptians and Greeks that has organized the mass transport of migrants from Libya to Crete. The background of the EU agreement with Egypt and the financial rewards that Cairo will receive to become more actively involved in the management of migration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays an active role in combating migration flows from Libya – and quietly so – as it cooperates with the corresponding services of North African countries, especially with Egypt, which seems to be a hub for illegal immigration recently .
According to information from Realnews, shortly before the trip of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Cairo, the commander of the EYP Themistoklis Demiris visited Egypt, who met with officials of the Egyptian secret services, in the context of strengthening the partnerships that the EYP has developed recently with similar services of countries that show a strong interest in Greek interests.

The information available to “R” indicates that many of the contacts that Th. Demiris had had as their object the countering of illegal immigration from the coasts of North Africa to the EU, especially to Greece.

The cooperation that the EYP has now developed with the Egyptian intelligence services seems to have depth and is surrounded by trust from both sides, since, as it is said, there was an exchange of information on the specific issue, which in the near future can lead to arrests , even in dismantling a key part of the traffickers’ circuit.

The suspects
According to the sources of “R”, in the hands of the officials of the EYP there is already a list of names of traffickers from Egypt and Libya, who are active in illegal immigration, mainly aimed at Greece. The list, according to the information, contains specific persons, information, but also photographs of suspects.

The same sources emphasize that the list of suspects also includes people of Greek nationality. The network of traffickers in North Africa is multinational and it is estimated that the Greeks involved in it have taken on special roles, such as receiving irregular migrants in certain places, transporting them to other areas of the country and forging official travel documents.

In addition to the amount of data on the people who participate and move the strings in the refugee trafficking circuit, the data that is now in the hands of the Greek authorities also includes a lot of information on the boats that are used to illegally transport migrants.

Amounts of money
The information states that the specific list, which includes persons, data and photographs, appears to be an important “tool” for gathering information and identifying even the illegally trafficked amounts of money that reach the pockets of the traffickers.

The EYP information network is already making use of the new information and is fully mobilized so that in due time it will be able to provide the prosecuting authorities of the country with specific information about the places, but also about the persons who are actively involved in the field of illegal immigration.

The EYP, in the context of its cooperation with the Egyptian authorities, has also provided the Egyptians with corresponding information about the circuits in Greece, which have close contact with the traffickers of North Africa.

The remarkable thing is that after the recent visit of the Greek Prime Minister to Cairo, as well as his counterparts from Italy, Belgium and Austria, as well as the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the arrivals of immigrants to southern Crete have almost annihilated. On the contrary, in the immediately preceding period, i.e. from the beginning of the year until the middle of March, a total of 1,186 immigrants had arrived in Gavdos and also on the southern coasts of Crete. It is recalled that the European leaders, in their meeting with the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, agreed to provide additional financial aid to Egypt.

Source Realnews

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