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The presentation that left Diana Bolocco dismayed on Got Talent Chile – 2024-03-27 22:57:39

2024-03-27 22:57:39

One of the applicants for the talent show left the entertainer and member of the space’s jury shivering.

The debut of Got Talent Chile was marked by a presentation that shocked the jury and left the Diana Bolocco.

This Sunday night began the new season of the renowned talent show on Chilevisión, and its first episode was not without controversy.

After some participants introduced themselves, it was the turn of uncertain and Spanish spiritualist who performed a show in which He contacted the entertainer with a very close deceased.

In the images it could be seen that Incertum asked Diana Bolocco to write a message on a piece of paper intended for a person who had already died, without mentioning their name and their relationship.

Moments later, the spiritualist, who kept his face hidden, asked Leonor Varela, Francis Kings, Antonio Vodanovicand the driver Julian Elfenbein, to go up on stage to accompany the presenter. It was there when the applicant asked them to put their hands on a table where he was a small blackboard with a chalk.

Unexpectedly, the table began to move and lift, and then ended up hitting the floor hard. At that moment you can see that there is a message written on the blackboard that said: “Adult or not, always with you.”

Moments later, Diana Bolocco commented on Got Talent Chile that she had thought about her brother, who died when she was only eight years old.

For this reason, in the initial message he revealed that he wrote: “I would have loved to meet you as an adult.”.

“I didn’t want to think about my brother, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind… I’m still nervous, I’m shivering,” the entertainer confessed.

Ultimately, three jurors voted yes, leaving Uncertain in the next stage of Got Talent Chile.

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