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Dates revealed for important athletics events in Cuba – 2024-04-03 00:01:37

2024-04-03 00:01:37

Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

Foto: RL Hevia

The athletics authorities in Cuba confirmed for May the holding of the two most important events in the country, which will allow the local troops not only to improve their records of the outdoor season, but also to add points for the different rankings. Olympic qualifiers.

The first of the competitions will be the 2024 Cuba Athletics Cup, which will take place from the 17th to the 19th at the Pan-American stadium in Havana del Este and will report a maximum of 100 units to the ranking that will define places for the great event in Paris 2024, according to with the information published in the sports media Jit.

Just one week later it will be the turn of the Barrientos Memorial, scheduled to take place from the 24th to the 26th in the same facility, where, as in the previous event, “all the figures seeking positions for Paris 2024 will participate, along with other members of the preselection and athletes from the provinces,” explained the technical head of the national commission of this sport, George Romero.

The federation also clarified that the only ones absent will be the athletes who already have a ticket to the French capital, since on those dates they would assume international commitments as part of their preparation, although in the coming weeks the invitations to the different rallies will be finalized. programmed mainly on European soil.

To date, only six exponents of Antillean athletics have guaranteed their presence at the summer event. They are the triple jumpers Leyanis Pérez, Liadagmis Povea, Lázaro Martínez and Cristian Nápoles, the high jumper Luis Enrique Zayas and the 400 meter runner Roxana Gómez, all with the minimum required marks.

For their part, long jumpers Alejandro Parada and Maikel Vidal will be competing, both in the Cuba Cup and in the Barrientos, who together with the sprinter Yunisleidy de la Caridad García lead the group of candidates to achieve the grade for Paris 2024 .

Likewise, the members of the National Commission will pay special attention to the discus thrower Silinda Morales and the return of the heptalonist Yorgelis Rodríguez together with the less experienced Mary Patterson, heir to the tradition that the practitioners of the grueling test have forged on the Island. Jit says.

Before the aforementioned contests, Romero added that “every Friday and Saturday we will have controls to review the preparation planning,” which in popular terms are known as national confrontations.

Cuban athletics has just finished in 20th place in the Indoor World Championships in Glasgow, United Kingdom, where Leyanis Pérez was the only one who managed to get on the podium of the four representatives of the Island. The woman from Pinar del Río won the silver medal while His teammate Povea was injured in the warm-up and could not participate.

Meanwhile, Lázaro Martínez and Cristian Nápoles left empty-handed in the men’s competition by posting a discreet performance that made them anchor in 8th and 13th places, respectively.

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