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Government of Ecuador rules out use of weapons against protest in Palo Quemado – 2024-04-02 23:50:32

2024-04-02 23:50:32


The Government of Ecuador ruled out this Tuesday, March 27, 2024, that it had used lethal weapons against indigenous people protesting in Palo Quemado, Cotopaxi. There the Executive promotes the development of the La Plata mine, concessioned to the Canadian mining company Atico Mining.

Government rules out use of lethal weapons against indigenous people protesting in Palo Quemado.

The Government of Cotopaxi stated in a statement that during the operations deployed since last week by the military and police in Palo Quemado, they have not made “use of lethal firearms or pellets, only deterrent material (tear gas) has been used.”

According to the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie), more than 500 soldiers and police, with the support of helicopters and military equipment, have settled in the area.

There the Ministry of the Environment is trying to carry out a controversial environmental consultation to grant the exploitation license for the La Plata mine. A process rejected by anti-mining groups, who last week had clashes with at least seventeen injured, and which a judge ordered to temporarily suspend.

The Government assured that the injuries are a result of the use of homemade weapons used by protesters opposed to the mining project.

According to the Executive’s representation, one person was injured due to the alleged manipulation of fireworks and another suffered cuts with a sharp object. Another person also “presented multiple traumas to his head and neck from pellets.” She was transferred to a health home in the neighboring province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

Neither the Armed Forces nor the Police “have used pellets or lethal weapons during the protection efforts of the Palo Quemado community,” the Government noted. /The express

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