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Cameroon: Giant internet breakdown, the culprit finally unmasked! – 2024-04-03 00:14:36

2024-04-03 00:14:36

Cameroonian Internet users can finally breathe! The mystery of the giant internet outage that paralyzed the country in recent days has finally been elucidated. According to exclusive information obtained by, it is an extremely rare natural phenomenon which is at the origin of this unprecedented digital blackout.

Indeed, no less than four submarine cables were cut cleanly on March 14 in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Ivory Coast, following impressive seismic activity. A real blow for Cameroon and around ten other African countries which depend on this vital infrastructure for their connectivity.

Race against time to reestablish the connection

Faced with this unprecedented situation, the South African authorities urgently dispatched a specialized vessel to the area to try to repair the damage. But according to experts interviewed by, we will have to be patient before a return to normal. “We’re talking about cables running thousands of miles across the ocean floor. Repairing them is an extraordinary technological challenge that will require several weeks of hard work”confides a telecoms engineer on condition of anonymity.

In the meantime, it’s a struggle for millions of Cameroonian Internet users who have to deal with a slow connection. If operators try as best they can to reroute traffic on cables spared by the earthquake, it is clear that the service is seriously degraded. Endless downloads, jerky videoconferences, emails that never reach their destination… Cameroonians’ digital daily life is turning into a nightmare!

The cruel lack of alternatives

This giant outage is a cruel reminder of the fragility of Africa’s digital infrastructure. Too dependent on submarine cables, our countries are slow to develop alternative solutions to secure their access to the internet. A culpable inaction which seriously jeopardizes our entry into the digital era.

It is high time for our leaders to take stock of the challenge and invest massively in the resilience of our networks. Building more data centers, deploying optical fiber across the continent, training our engineers in cutting-edge technologies… There is no shortage of projects!

Because the internet is no longer a luxury for Africa. It is now the oxygen of our economies, a key factor of growth and emancipation. So yes, this breakdown should serve as a reminder. And quickly, before it’s too late…

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