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Choo Sung-hoon “♥Proposed to Yano Shiho ‘Please have my baby’”


Choo Sung-hoon, a mixed martial arts athlete and broadcaster, revealed his love story with his wife, model Shiho Yano.

On the 3rd, a video titled ‘Chu Sung-hoon, the romance of a real man showing the coolness of middle age’ was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Supermarket Sora’.

In the video that day, Choo Seong-hoon talked about his recent transformation into a clothing businessman, saying, “I started in Japan and it’s been about two years now,” and “Like everything, it wasn’t easy. So I think it’s fun. It’s not fun to suddenly make money here. It is natural that doing business in various ways is difficult. “Failure is better,” he said.

However, Choo Seong-hoon said, “It hurts my heart because it costs a lot of money. “This is really no joke,” he said. “What you want to make and what sells well are different. “It is also true that my identity is disappearing,” he said, confessing his difficulties in the clothing business.

Currently, Choo Sung-hoon lives in Hawaii with his wife Yano Shiho and daughter Chu Sarang.

When Lee So-ra asked Choo Seong-hoon about how he met Shiho Yano, he said, “I’m not saying I liked her because she was a model, I just liked her as a person. She said that because he was famous, it was good for my young mind at first too. But she was someone who appeared on TV and in commercials and suddenly said, ‘Let’s meet, I want to see you.’ “I was nothing but an athlete,” she recalled.

While the three of them were drinking together and talking about their daily lives with the person who arranged for Shiho Yano, when the arranger left for a moment to go to the bathroom, Shiho Yano confessed to Choo Seong-hoon, “It’s his style.”

Choo Seong-hoon said, “I did the same thing at that time,” and added, “After giving me my contact information, I said, ‘Please send me a message.’ And he got married after dating for two years.”

He said, “I thought it would be nice to be together. So she said to this guy, ‘I want you to have my baby.’ “For a man, he thinks asking you to have his baby is the best confession,” he said, drawing laughter.

Lee So-ra, who heard this, said, “Probably not. He’s so strong. “Isn’t it like, ‘Please marry me?’” she said. “They are the couple of the century.” Their relationship inspired me. “The process of talking to my child like this was inspiring,” she said.


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