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Uljin-gun received the national brand award for eight consecutive years in the agricultural, fisheries and livestock products brand category for its premium Uljin snow crab.

Uljin Snow Crab has been selected for the national brand award for eight consecutive years. Uljin Snow Crab, a luxury product from Uljin-gun (Governor Son Byeong-bok), received the national brand grand prize in the agricultural, fishery and livestock product brand category for eight consecutive years on the 3rd.

Uljin snow crab, which has received the award for the 8th consecutive year, is a treasure trove of marine and fisheries resources and lives in the waters around Wangdolcho, which is called the underwater Geumgangsan Mountain. It has been loved by consumers for its excellent taste and quality.

The reason why Uljin snow crab was able to be recognized as a luxury product was primarily due to the great efforts of fishermen.

The snow crab gillnet autonomous community, formed voluntarily by snow crab gillnet fishermen from about 90 ships shipped in Jukbyeon Port, Hupo Port, and Gusan Port, has made continuous efforts to cultivate snow crab fishing grounds and protect sea resources.

In addition, in order to protect snow crab resources, snow crab fishing is legally prohibited from June to October, and a voluntary fishing season has been designated that additional fishing is prohibited in November, when fishing is allowed, and has been maintained for 20 years.

In addition, in order to protect Uljin snow crab resources, we are the only country in the country to implement the “Coastal Fishery Snow Crab TAC System,” which limits the volume of fish per day through voluntary management by fishermen. Meanwhile, around May, when the snow crab fishing season ends, fishing is conducted to restore the snow crab habitat environment. We are carrying out a clean-up operation to collect waste fishing nets that have been lost or abandoned during the fishing season.

Following the efforts of fishermen, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Uljin-gun are also creating various environments, such as artificially creating snow crab nursery reefs (artificial snow crab reefs) to create a spawning environment for female snow crabs.

In particular, Uljin-gun is implementing a quality assurance system to create an environment where premium snow crabs can grow well and to provide trust to consumers.

At the 「2024 Uljin Snow Crab and Red Snow Crab Festival」 held in the area of ​​Wangdolcho Square in Hupo Port, Uljin from February 22nd to February 25th, among Uljin snow crabs, the highest quality bakdal snow crab and single crab, ‘Wangdolcho bakdal snow crab’ and ‘Wangdolcho single crab’ were selected. The tie with ‘ printed on it was attached to the claw legs of snow crabs to differentiate it from other snow crabs and enable consumers to find it with confidence, which received a good response.

Wangdolcho’s Bakdal snow crab and single crab quality assurance system is being implemented by the Snow Crab Stream Voluntary Management Community (Chairman Im Ki-bong and Oh Jeong-hwan), a producer’s group, through strict quality verification and management from the fisheries cooperative inspection stage, and is carried out throughout the year even after the snow crab festival ends.

Uljin County Mayor Son Byeong-bok said, “The fruits of the fishermen’s autonomous preservation and cultivation have made it possible for Uljin snow crab to win the national brand award eight times in a row.” He added, “We will continue to strive to promote the excellence and brand value of Uljin snow crab, so that fishermen can preserve its reputation.” “I will support you to go,” he said.

Queen Reporter Hana Choi Photo: Uljin-gun


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