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Change in the requirements to access the ‘Mi Casa Ya’ benefit – 2024-05-12 18:56:42

2024-05-12 18:56:42

The Ministry of Housing of Colombia, through Catalina Velasco, the minister, announced important changes to the requirements in the ‘Mi Casa Ya’ program, aimed at facilitating access to housing for thousands of Colombians, specifying the elimination of a key requirement: which is the prioritization scoring scheme.

This requirement was initially implemented for 2023 through resolution 1227, this system assigned a maximum of 100 points based on certain criteria, including the classification in Sisbén IV from A1 to D20, in order to prioritize applicants in the acquisition of Priority Social Interest Housing (VIP), in Colombia.

The Minister of Housing, Catalina Velasco, was emphatic in saying that after a careful analysis and considering the opinions of the builders. She identified that the scoring scheme “generates confusion and does not necessarily encourage the production of VIP housing in large cities.”

In this order of ideas, the primary function pursued by these selection requirements has been reconsidered. Opting for a more accessible and efficient approach in the allocation of resources.

Finally, in this way, it will be much easier for Colombian families to access the ‘Mi Casa Ya’ subsidy. Which is so important to solve the economy in the country, and for Colombians to have their own home.

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