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The detection of microplastics in Pamvotida gave them an award – 2024-05-12 18:22:45

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First place in the “Biology” category was won by students Anna Maria Ili, Nefeli Paraskevi Ili, Christina Dioni Ili and Evangelia Tatsis at the 10th ACSTAC Student Science & Technology Conference of the American College of Anatolia.

With the scientific support of the president of the Center for Studies and Research AKTI, civil engineer/coastal engineer dr. Xenias I. Loizidou, the students of the 1st High School and the Model High School of Zosimaia School of Ioannina carried out an innovative field research entitled “Microplastics – The invisible threat”, which yielded valuable scientific findings, as microplastics were detected in Lake Pamvotida!
The study collected and analyzed field data to investigate the problem of plastic pollution in Lake Ioannina. With the implementation of a specific method of collection and analysis by the students, samples of surface sediments were collected from four different points along the shore of Lake Pamvotida. This was followed by drying, sieving, suspension to isolate the microplastic fragments and identification under the microscope. The research was carried out in collaboration with the AKTI Study and Research Center and the Industrial Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry Research Laboratories, as well as the Research Laboratory of the Medical School of the University of Ioannina.
In order to promote natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STE(A)M), Anatolia College organized for the tenth year the Student Science & Technology Conference – ACSTAC (Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference) on the 19 -April 20 in Thessaloniki, in which 550 students from 47 public and private high schools and high schools in Greece participated in physical presence with a total of 90 student missions.
The AKTI Center for Studies and Research is excited about this success and expresses its warm congratulations to the four students who presented their study as real field researchers. AKTI declares its undivided support for young people with ideas and vision for a more sustainable future.

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