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Bhojpuri singer Shilpi raj top Bhojpuri song in 2023

Shilpi Raj is an Indian Bhojpuri singer and musician who primarily sings Bhojpuri songs. He is known for his distinctive voice and style, and has released a number of popular albums and songs in the Bhojpuri music industry.

Shilpi Raj has been active in the Bhojpuri music industry for several years and has gained a considerable fan following for his music. Some of his popular songs include “Mere Marad Mahoday Ji”, “Lahanga Me Meter”, “Pawansut Vinti Barambar” and “Kanwar Ghughur Vala”.

Shilpi Raj has many popular songs in the Bhojpuri music industry. It’s difficult to determine which song is his top song as it can be subjective and varies based on personal preferences. However, here are some of Shilpi Raj’s popular songs that have gained a lot of popularity among Bhojpuri music fans:

  1. Lahanga Me Meter
  2. Mere Marad Mahoday Ji
  3. Tohre Kaaranwa
  4. Marle Ba Dard Dil Ke
  5. Kanwar Ghughur Vala
  6. Aawa Na Choli Mein Rang Dalwala
  7. Palangiya Sone Na Diya
  8. Pawansut Vinti Barambar
  9. Tani Chhoo La
  10. Rangwa Ghorail Ba Lal Lal Re

Shilpi Raj’s first song in the Bhojpuri music industry was “Machis Ke Tiliya Jara Ke” which was released in 2014. The song was well received and helped him to establish himself as a Bhojpuri singer. Since then, Shilpi Raj has released many more popular songs and has become a well-known and respected artist in the Bhojpuri music industry.

The Bhojpuri music industry has many talented singers who have contributed to the growth and popularity of this genre of music. It can be subjective to determine the top Bhojpuri singer as it depends on personal preferences and opinions. However, here are some of the most popular and successful Bhojpuri singers who have a huge fan following:

  1. Pawan Singh
  2. Khesari Lal Yadav
  3. Manoj Tiwari
  4. Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua)
  5. Ritesh Pandey
  6. Akshara Singh
  7. Amrapali Dubey
  8. Kajal Raghwani
  9. Kalpana Patowary
  10. Sharda Sinha
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