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Apple accelerates development of foldable iPhone – 2024-03-30 01:26:48

2024-03-30 01:26:48

Apple has begun actively developing a folding iPhone and plans to release a new product in the next two years.

As Day.Az reports with reference to, this was reported by the publication GizmoChina, citing information from the South Korean source Alpha Biz.

According to a report from Alpha Biz, Apple could launch a foldable iPhone as early as September 2026. The company wants to ship 50 million devices in the first year. This goal is significantly higher than the current size of the foldable device market and indicates Apple’s confidence in the new product.

To speed up development, Apple brought in some members of the team that previously designed the Vision Pro mixed reality headset to the project. This internal collaboration underscores Apple’s commitment to solving flexible display durability issues, as the Vision Pro team has previously been able to solve complex technical challenges.

According to Alpha Biz, the Cupertino team is now working with two prototypes of a foldable iPhone: one of them is similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, and the other is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold. Apple is leaning towards the second option, since the large and thick case allows the device to use more durable mechanisms.

“Apple’s cautious but innovative approach to technology suggests that the company intends to thoroughly refine the foldable device concept before launch. By addressing current industry challenges, Apple can offer unique, premium foldable devices in the future and become a major player in this emerging market segment.” – writes GizmoChina.

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