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Actress Hania Amir also spoke in support of Palestine

2024-05-12 23:33:54

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(24News) Pakistani actress Hania Aamir, speaking at the ‘Kashmir Hum Style Awards’ ceremony, raised her voice against the ongoing Israeli brutality in Gaza and demanded a ceasefire.

On the Saturday night of May 11, the grand event of ‘Kashmir Hum Style Awards 2024’ was held in which the famous and talented artists of fashion, film and drama industry participated. At the ‘Kashmir Hum Style Awards 2024’ function, eminent personalities associated with fashion, film, drama and sports were felicitated with various awards for their outstanding work and style.

In this event, Hardul Aziz Hania Aamir was honored with the award for the most stylish actress on television, Hania Aamir came on stage to receive her award, she first thanked her parents, fans and friends for their love and support. What and then raised the voice for Gaza.

Hania Amir said that today I want to remember the innocent people of Gaza and raise my voice for them, this is an important platform for all of us where we can raise our voice in favor of Palestine.

“Whether you’re famous or not, you all, including me, have social media as a platform that we can use in favor of Gaza, speak for Gaza through our platform and make our voices heard around the world,” the actress said. .

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“I want the hashtag ‘CeasefireNow’ to not stop trending on social media platforms, we all have a role to play because we literally make history with all our actions,” she said. are writing

In the end, Hania Amir called for a cease-fire in Gaza and said, “Come on!” Stay with the right direction of history.

2024-05-12 23:33:54

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