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Seoul City, open recruitment for ‘2024 Excellent Seoul Stay’… “We will create a high-quality lodging environment unique to Seoul”

The city of Seoul selects excellent businesses that embody Seoul’s unique characteristics and provides various support, including hygiene and safety management and customer service, such as Hanok experience and city bed and breakfast for foreigners. In particular, this year, the subsidy was significantly increased from 2 million won last year to 5 million won, and it was allowed to be used for product planning, interior design, safety management, and promotional expenses.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Foundation announced that they will conduct an open recruitment for the ‘2024 Excellent Seoul Stay’ from the 13th to the 27th to introduce excellent accommodations that capture the charms of Seoul to tourists. ‘Seoul Stay’ is an accommodation brand that can be registered by alternative accommodation businesses in Seoul, and registered accommodations can receive various benefits such as translation, promotion, and education.

This year, the city selected 20 of the Seoul Stay registered businesses as ‘Excellent Seoul Stay’ and provided up to 5 million won per business in subsidies that can be used for △ improving the accommodation environment (quarantine and hygiene) △ promotional marketing, etc. This is an increase of about 2.5 times compared to 2 million won last year.

In addition to the subsidy, ‘Excellent Seoul Stay’ accommodations can receive various benefits, such as △ Excellent Seoul Stay listing △ Exchange (networking) for operators △ Promotion linked to Seoul Stay’s official SNS.

Accommodations wishing to participate in the ‘Excellent Seoul Stay’ contest can apply online through the Google form from the 13th to the 27th. The businesses eligible for application are foreign tourist urban lodging businesses and Hanok experience businesses that have completed registration of Seoul stay accommodations by the application deadline of the 27th.

‘Excellent Seoul Stay’ is finalized through a second on-site evaluation by tourism industry experts after the first document evaluation to confirm eligibility. A total of 20 will be selected, and the final results will be announced on the Seoul Stay website on June 28.

Kim Young-hwan, director of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Tourism and Sports Bureau, said, “As the preference for local tourism has recently increased globally, the demand for alternative accommodations has also increased, so it is time to introduce excellent accommodations in Seoul.” “We will select and support excellent Seoul stays to create a high-quality lodging environment unique to Seoul,” he said.

Reporter Kim Jeong-hyun photo provided by Seoul Metropolitan Government


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