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Integrity arrests the former director of the Holy Karbala Governor’s Office red-handed in bribery

Baghdad – IA

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The Federal Integrity Commission announced today, Sunday, the arrest of the former director of the Karbala Governor’s Office red-handed in bribery, and monitoring violations in projects costing up to eight billion dinars that were referred by the governorate’s office.

The Government Information and Communications Office stated in a statement received by the (INA), that “a working team composed of the Karbala Investigation Office was able – after follow-up, investigation and monitoring – to overthrow the former director of the Karbala Governor’s Office, who is currently working in the Al-Khairat district, after receiving a sum of money.” From one of the people, and claiming that he could obtain an exception from the governor, and agree to proceed with the transaction of selling a property in accordance with Article (25) of the Law on the Sale and Rent of State Funds No. (21 of 2013).”

He added, “The accused admitted while recording his statements that he had received an amount of (6,500,000) dinars in two installments, in addition to another amount he received during his arrest, explaining that “several requests, transactions, and documents belonging to citizens in the government vehicle in which the accused was riding were seized.”

He continued, “The team monitored violations in four projects costing (7,629,767,000) dinars,” noting that “the violations are attributed to the Legal Affairs Department and the Contracting Division in the governorate office.”

He stated that “the violations included not appointing a committee to expedite work on the project to complete the packaging of the southern trowel to the lifting station, which was referred for an amount of (1,986,000,000) dinars.”

He pointed out that “the violations included not making a decision to withdraw work from the two companies implementing the projects of constructing the new southern rainwater pumping station, and implementing sewage networks with lifting stations in the Al-Khairat district, at a cost of (4,055,897,000) dinars. Violations were also monitored in the project to implement a rainwater pumping line in the area.” Al-Ma’malji, with the preparation of pipes at a cost of (1,587,870,000) dinars,” adding that “fundamental seizure reports were prepared and presented, along with the preliminary details of those projects that were referred to limited general contracting companies, before the judge of the Holy Karbala Investigation Court, which is competent to look into integrity issues, to take appropriate legal measures.” .

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