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A torn muscle takes Kiril Milov out of the Olympic qualification in Baku – 2024-03-29 00:26:27

2024-03-29 00:26:27

Kiril Milov suffered a serious injury during the national team camp in Croatia and will miss the Olympic wrestling qualification in Baku (Azerbaijan), which will be held from April 5 to 7.

The European champion in the classical style and second in the world has a torn thigh muscle and is due for surgery. It is not yet clear whether he will be able to recover for the final screening in Istanbul on May 9-12.

Edmond Nazaryan also misses the competition in Baku for now, also due to injury. Bulgaria announced a preliminary lineup and corrections may be made by April 1.

The team includes Mikyai Naim, whose rights have been restored. He was suspended due to irregularities in his doping test taken on August 5, 2022. But the case became clear two years later, in February.

At the qualification in Baku, only the finalists take quotas. So far, Bulgaria has only one visa, won by Semyon Novikov in the category up to 87 kg of the classical style.

301 competitors have registered for the competition in the capital of Azerbaijan, the most are in the classical style – 114.

The Bulgarian team at the moment:

Men’s Freestyle: 57 kg Georgi Vangelov, 65 kg Mikiai Naim, 74 kg Miroslav Kirov, 86 kg Magomed Ramazanov, 125 kg Alen Khubulov

Classic style: 67 kg Abu Muslim Amayev, 77 kg Stoyan Kubatov

Women: 50 kg Miglena Selishka, 53 kg Irena Binkova, 57 kg Evelina Nikolova, 62 kg Bilyana Dudova, 68 kg Mimi Hristova, 76 kg Vanessa Georgieva

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