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The list of goods subject to import customs duty has been expanded – 2024-03-29 00:36:08

2024-03-29 00:36:08

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan introduced amendments to the resolution “On rates of customs duties on export-import operations”, approved by a decision dated April 22, 1998.

As Day.Az reported on Thursday, in this regard, Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov signed a new decree.

According to the document, the list of goods subject to import customs duty has been expanded.

Therefore, the following goods and transactions will also be subject to import customs duties:

– goods imported by individuals as humanitarian aid for free distribution;

– operations for exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, operations for any submission to the State Oil Fund or legal entities representing Azerbaijan in agreements on the sharing of production, fixed assets, movable property and other assets intended for transfer to Azerbaijan in accordance with agreements on export pipelines and other similar agreements;

– equipment and materials related to oil and gas activities for export purposes (in case of submission to the customs authorities of an approved list of equipment and materials imported to Azerbaijan by the State Oil Company for oil and gas activities for export purposes);

– imported technologies, equipment and components for the creation and production of defense products by the Ministry of Defense Industry and its subordinate enterprises;

– imported gold for placement in the assets of the State Oil Fund.

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