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28% of Brits are avoiding holidays in Southern Europe because of the heat – 2024-03-28 21:23:27

2024-03-28 21:23:27

28% of Britons planning to go on holiday in 2024 say they are reluctant to travel to Southern Europe this summer because of the extreme weather seen in recent years, according to research by Kantar in the UK.

One in five (22%) of those who have traveled to Southern Europe in the last 12 months said they were equally reluctant to visit next summer, as the very high temperatures and flooding experienced in Southern Europe in 2023 discourage travelers.

In fact, the younger ages, although not expected, considered the climatic conditions to be an important factor in booking a holiday.

However, according to Irish travel agency chain Oasis Travel, only a small proportion of families have opted to holiday in the Nordic countries this year to avoid the heat and wildfires. Seaside Travel and Inspired Travel have received no inquiries or concerns about extreme weather, while the Advantage Travel Partnership point out that price, not climate, is driving Brits to book off-peak, with their top picks for this year the Mediterranean, the Canaries and Greece.

Furthermore, according to Barrhead Travel executives, the industry needs to capture climate-related booking trends, but so far there is no tendency to choose a destination based on temperature but on desire.

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