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A portrait concert dedicated to the work of Ismail Hajibeyov will be held at the Baku Museum Center – 2024-03-29 20:44:06

2024-03-29 20:44:06

As part of the joint project of the Baku Society of Contemporary Music and the Museum Center, the next concert-portrait of the “Musical Evenings in the Museum” series, dedicated to the work of composer Ismail Hajibeyov (1949 – 2006), will take place, Day.Az reports. The evening will take place on April 1 at 19:00 in the Museum Center (III floor, assembly hall).

Ismail Hajibeyov is an Azerbaijani composer who turned neoclassicism into one of the integral components of his work. As a result of the processing of ashug music, as well as the synthesis of polyphonic styles and techniques characteristic of Western European music (perfectly mastered by the composer), neoclassicism in his work manifested itself with its inherent clarity and clarity of forms. Hajibeyov, who received his composition education in the class of Gar Garayev, taught composition at the Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli from 1974 until the end of his life.

Ismail Hajibeyov is the author of “Pages from an Album”, “Three Idylls”, “Concertpiece”, “Concertino”, “Patterns” for symphony orchestra and a number of other works that have become an important part of our musical heritage. A striking example of national neoclassicism is the piano rhapsody “Dzhangi”. The portrait concert will feature chamber works by the composer.

The main goal of the “Musical Evenings in the Museum” project is to organize concerts-portraits of Azerbaijani composers and highlight the features of their work. Most of the time is devoted to the presentation of original music. As part of the project, concerts-portraits of such Azerbaijani composers as Tahir Ibishev, Rakhila Hasanova and Khayyam Mirzazade were organized.

Moderator – musicologist Shafagat Mamedova.

Free admission.

Information support – Trend.Az, Day.Az, Milli.Az, Azernews.Az.

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