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Appeal hearing for preventive detention requested by Wilman Terán, former president of the Judiciary Council, was postponed – 2024-03-28 05:11:39

2024-03-28 05:11:39

The hearing to review the appeal to preventive detention requested by the former president of the Judiciary Council, Wilman Terán, was going to take place on the morning of this Friday, March 1, in the criminal courtroom of the National Court of Justice (CNJ)but was not installed and was postponed due to the presentation of a medical certificate from one of the parties.

The hearing was scheduled for 11:00 and ended at 11:06. Terán will seek to leave prison to defend himself in freedom in the trial process. Metastasis case.

Since December 15, Terán has been detained in the so-called Prison 4, in the north of Quito, as he is being prosecuted for the crime of organized crime, part of the Metastasis case. In this case, a “criminal enterprise” is being investigated that operated from different levels of the justice system, the National Police and the prison system, to obtain judicial rulings and prison benefits for drug trafficker Leandro Norero and his family.

On December 28, 2023, he received a second preventive detention order for alleged obstruction of justice, in a case that the State Attorney General’s Office calls Judicial Independence.

In the final part, it was requested that this hearing be convened as soon as possible, without determining an eventual date.

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