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[세계테마기행] It’s hot! Indonesia Part 1 – To Mount Bromo, the Mountain of Fire

Indonesia is hot. A unique geological environment writhing on a ring of fire. A landscape created by over 120 active volcanoes and the people who live next to them. It also warms the hearts of travelers around the world.

The best hot place in Java. Bromo Volcano, where you can hear the heartbeat of the Earth. Altitude 2,100m above sea level! Dieng Plateau, the land above the clouds where the gods live. The extraordinary alpine life of Sumba and Mantar created by the worst explosion. Maria, the daily life of an ethnic minority living in a three-cornered house. Lombok Experience! Tanjung Loar, the site of the ‘Shark Market’. Gili Meno, a small island where you can walk through an emerald paradise. When you need heat in your life, when you want to take a break and rest for a while, or when you are curious about another life, let’s take a walk to the hot places in Indonesia now.

This week’s (May 13 – 16, 2024) ‘World Theme Travel’ is ‘Hot!’ 4 episodes of ‘Indonesia’ will be broadcast. ‘World Theme Travel’ ‘Hot! Part 1 of ‘Indonesia’, ‘I like it because it’s hot, Bromo’ will be broadcast on EBS1 TV at 8:40 pm today (13th). Curator Woo Byeong-gi (novelist) will join us.

chapter 1. I like it hot, bromo

Indonesia is located in the Pacific Rim orogenic belt known as the ‘Ring of Fire’. Among the 17,000 islands, Java Island is the land with the most active geological movement in the world. Head to Mount Bromo, a mountain of fire that is still alive today!

Enjoy the ‘traditional’ journey to Bromo Volcano. First, take a jeep from the gateway town of Cemoro Lawang and cross the sandy desert. The closer the volcano gets, the more horses run towards the jeep?! A pony ride is also one of the best attractions of Bromo Volcano. The length of the Bromo Volcano trek can only be reached with two legs. Beyond the thick smoke, a crater that resonates with the heart of the Earth unfolds before your eyes. Make a wish by throwing Javanese Edelweiss, which symbolizes ‘eternity’, into the billowing smoke.

There is a Hindu temple under a time bomb? Visit the Luhur Poten Temple and get a glimpse into the minds of local people living with a dangerous volcano. Bromo’s hidden attraction, Teletubbies Hill, is full of green fields and wild flowers that can only be seen now. Volcanoes are an object of fear for locals, but they are thankful beings that provide abundance. Thanks to the fertile soil, it has become a good land for farming, allowing for multiple crops. What does daily life taste like with people living next to a volcano?

In the early morning, we head to Mount Penanjakan through rough weather. This is a hot place for locals where you can see the sun rising over Bromo Volcano at the same time! However, even though it was a market day, the fog was thick. Will the longed-for sunrise of Bromo be allowed?

The Ring of Fire presents diverse geological features and daily life to Indonesia. Legung Village on Madura Island is entirely filled with sand. The tradition is to live on a bed made of sand, roll around in the sand in the yard, and spend time with neighbors. A glimpse into the ‘sand’ culture that you can’t find anywhere else.

Larangan Tokol, a village that burns 24 hours a day on Madura Island! It retains an eternal flame that does not go out no matter how rainy or how strong the wind blows. Let’s go to a land where daily life is as hot as an unquenchable flame.

EBS1’s ‘World Theme Travel’, a travel program that delivers real-life experiences, is broadcast every Monday to Thursday at 8:40 PM.

Reporter Park So-i Photo courtesy of EBS World Theme Travel


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