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A huge fire devours a high-rise building in Brazil »

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A huge fire broke out in a 28-storey building under construction in the Torre neighborhood, west of Recife, Brazil.

According to the Pernambuco Military Fire Department, there is still no information about casualties, while videos posted on social media show the massive fire.

For safety reasons, the company reportedNeoenergia“, the energy concessionaire serving the area, said it had preventively disconnected the electrical grid around the building.

The company informed that service in the area will be restored immediately as soon as safe conditions are available for residents.

For his part, the Mayor of Recife, João Campos, said that he had activated the Recife Operations Center (COP) to monitor the effects resulting from the fire, adding: “Our teams, including Civil Defense, are working to support firefighters to prevent access to the streets and areas near the site.”

He continued: “I will continue to monitor this situation from here in Recife City Hall, together with the coordinators of the working groups.”

Source: Agencies

2024-03-30 01:58:58

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