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Why Ugg boots and Tiffany chain necklaces are back in style

2024-03-28 10:01:15

Why Ugg boots and Tiffany chain necklaces are back in style

This text comes from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

When it comes to the fashion business, maybe there really is something to it. September 11, 2001 may have led to the first major financial crisis of the decade, but once America got its act together, money was spent ad infinitum. New York became the epicenter of these noughties. The investment banks had not yet capped the bonuses for their employees (in many markets this only came after the second financial crisis at the end of the decade), and according to the principle that where there is money, there can be art, young designers founded their labels there – Thakoon Panichgul, Phillip Lim, Derek Lam, Alexander Wang. Marc Jacobs was at the top of his game. In the hit series “Sex and the City,” the Manolo Blahnik shoe-crazy character Carrie Bradshaw led a life with her three friends that young women in the real world emulated.

Flawless: French nails are fashionable again as a result of the noughties hype – and are also fascinating young people. : Image: Gallery Stock

Suddenly, thanks to digitalization, fashion was everywhere

Designer bags existed before, but suddenly they were no longer objects but a hype. The It bag was born. It was visible everywhere, in the magazines mentioned at the beginning, in online shops like Mytheresa and Net-A-Porter, which suddenly sprung up like crocuses in late winter. Conspicuous consumption became the key word – consumption of validity. While fashion previously required you to stay in the right places in the world and was only supplied in small rations via monthly magazines and seasonal store ranges, thanks to digitalization it was suddenly everywhere. The pictures from the catwalk collections landed on, along with reviews and impressions from the front row the next morning. Shortly afterwards, copies of these designs reached fast fashion stores such as Topshop, H&M, Zara and Primark. Sustainability was at best a niche topic.

Life that young women emulated: Carrie Bradshaw with her friends in “Sex and the City”. : Image: Picture Alliance

With the financial crisis, a guilty conscience found its way into fashion: from then on, Net-A-Porter optionally shipped items to luxury customers in simple brown boxes. Overconsumption became a recognized problem when the first Primark paper bags tore while shopping on the street and their owners simply left the cheap goods lying around. A few years later, in 2013, the Rana Plaza textile factory collapsed in Bangladesh. Working in the name of our appetite for constant novelty killed more than 1,100 people.

The party atmosphere in fashion is long gone. And at the same time the music is louder than ever. The fast fashion of the noughties has been replaced by the ultra-fast fashion of the twenties. Shein and Temu are littering the world even more. The European Union is rightly discussing limits on overproduction for companies and sensible recycling for consumers. You can also look at this noughties trend like this: If women cut off their Ugg boots from back then to wear them in the popular mini version today, then at least they don’t have to buy anything new.


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Comeback of the noughties

When sustainability was still a niche topic

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