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Who is Pravin Mishra who leaked DRDO information to ISI agent, biography, education and hometown birth place

Have a look at the biography and education of Pravin Mishra who leaked DRDO drones information after being honeytrapped

In Gujarat’s Bharuch district, a man named Pravin Mishra has been arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), according to a police statement on Thursday, May 9.

Mishra, who was reportedly honey-trapped by an ISI handler, is accused of leaking sensitive information about drones manufactured by India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Who is Pravin Mishra who leaked DRDO drones information to ISI agent, biography, education and hometown birth place

What Did Gujarat CID Say?

Rajkumar Pandian, ADGP of Gujarat CID, stated that surveillance was conducted at a factory in Ankaleshwar, leading to Mishra’s apprehension.

A search of his phone revealed compromising data, prompting a case to be filed under Section 123 of the IPC, the IT Act, and conspiracy charges.

The primary ISI contact, posing as ‘Sonal Garg,’ claimed to work for IBM Chandigarh and used this false identity to extract confidential defense-related information from Mishra.

According to the CID, Mishra gathered and shared sensitive intelligence regarding the Indian Armed Forces and related defense firms. The investigation began after Military Intelligence in Udhampur tipped off the Gujarat CID.

About Pravin Mishra

Mishra, a resident of Ankleshwar and originally from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, used WhatsApp and audio chat to communicate with a Pakistani intelligence agent, forming a criminal conspiracy with potential security risks for India.

Pravin Mishra, the accused, had allegedly collected highly confidential information about the Indian Armed Forces and defence-related R&D firms, said the Gujarat Criminal Investigation Department.

The CID revealed that Mishra’s information was being sent to a Pakistani intelligence agency. A case was registered against Mishra and the ISI operative, who used an Indian WhatsApp number and a fake Facebook profile under the name ‘Sonal Garg’ who claimed to be working for IBM Chandigarh.

Further scrutiny indicated that ISI had targeted multiple individuals associated with defense establishments.

Mishra who is an engineer worked with a Hyderabad-based organization connected to DRDO, and during his communication with the ISI handler, he disclosed critical details about DRDO’s drone production.

The ISI operative even attempted to install malware on Mishra’s workplace server. Military Intelligence had earlier warned the CID about the potential targeting of current or former employees from the Armed Forces, DRDO, and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) by ISI.

Following Mishra’s arrest, further investigations are underway to determine the extent of the conspiracy and identify other individuals involved.

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