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Merano, motorbike rally with “live” rescue – Merano

2024-05-10 17:13:02

MERANO. It goes into the archive there fifth edition of the Motorcycle Rally which on Sunday morning (5 May) saw around 600 riders gather in Piazzale Prader for the usual motorbike blessing by Father Paul, present at the event since the first edition.

Also at the gathering was a group of four Red Cross workers who intervened during the motorbike tour following an accident in Sinigo which involved three cars, fortunately without any injuries. Only a few hours later, near Bressanone, an accident between a car and a motorcyclist with his son on board unfortunately took the life of the young fourteen-year-old passenger.

Precisely to prevent these episodes, the organizers of the Motorcycle Rally throughout Sunday morning never stopped reminding bikers of the importance of respecting road rules and of extremely prudent driving, especially on increasingly busy roads. «We are heartbroken by what happened on Sunday to such a young boy and at the same time we are close to the pain of his family», the words of Matteo Mangiacasale, vice president of the MotoMerano association that organizes the Motorcycle Rally.

Alongside the centaurs of the local police, a delegation from the CRI was also present at the event led by the biker Aldo Bertagnolli who outlined their role thus: «We are a team made up of 25 Red Cross volunteers from all over the province. We provide preventive services in South Tyrol but also throughout Italy, when we are required. Always available to the population”, Bertagolli’s words pronounced in Piazzale Prader shortly before the motor blessing. A few minutes later, it was his team that intervened in Sinigo following the aforementioned accident.

Also significant were the words of Father Paul, who spoke after the mayor Dario Dal Medico, the councilor Nerio Zaccaria and the president of MotoMerano Enrico Marton. «We are here to bless people, not motorbikes, asking each of you to take responsibility when driving and to give a kiss to the people you love before leaving, so that when you are on the roads prudence guides you in your journey”, the message of the volcanic Father Paul.

Motorcycle rally which every year sees the participation of more and more young people, as is the case of eighteen year old Jenny Schöpf from Merano: «I’m here with my 125, and motorbikes have been a passion for me since I was 16», the words of the student at the Phos.

Young bikers alongside veterans who have turned their passion for motorbikes into a philosophy of life. This is the case of Thomas Ceska and his South Tyrolean section Gold Wing Italia group. «There are 18 members active in the province who share the Gold Wing spirit and lifestyle. It means traveling long distances, the legendary Route 66, so to speak, thus participating in international meetings for example in France where we will already be this Thursday”, the centaur’s testimony. A motorbike that becomes part of one’s life to the point, explains Roberto Condotta «that in 1991 I sold my Yamaha XT 500 to a friend but with the right of first refusal asserted 25 years later».

2024-05-10 17:13:02

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