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Who is Najeeb Muhammad on whose real life story Aadujeevitham is based on, biography and family

We examine the life journey of Najeeb Muhammad, whose real story will be featured in the upcoming survival drama Aadujeevitham, have a look at his age and family

With only two days remaining before the highly anticipated worldwide release of director Blessy’s survival drama Aadujeevitham (The Goat Life), starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Najeeb Muhammad once again finds himself at the center of discussion.

Who is Najeeb Muhammad on whose real life story Aadujeevitham aka The Goat Life is based on, biography, age and family

Who is Najeeb Muhammad?

Najeeb Muhammad, renowned for his life narrative in Benyamin’s 2008 novel Aadujeevitham, presently leads a comparatively tranquil life after enduring over three years of enslavement in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Originally from Arattupuzha village near Haripad town in Alappuzha district, Najeeb sustained himself by extracting sand from a river until an employment opportunity arose in 1992, leading to his migration to Saudi Arabia.

At that time, Najeeb believed that migrating to Saudi Arabia would offer a better and more dignified life for himself and his family. He mentioned that he had paid Rs 55,000 for the visa and explained that they had to sell land to arrange the money. Subsequently, Najeeb departed for Mumbai and from there, arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on April 4, 1992.

While Najeeb waited for his recruiters at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, an Arab who pretended to be his employer kidnapped him. Because Najeeb was naive and didn’t know much about international travel or Arabic, he became trapped by the deceit. This led to his being held captive in a desert goat farm, where he was forced into slavery and given the responsibility of herding hundreds of goats.

How Najeeb returned back to India?

Najeeb endured unimaginable hardships, enduring over three years of sleeping outdoors, lacking bathing facilities, subsisting solely on khubus, and facing frequent assaults for minor errors. In 1995, during his boss’s absence from the farm, Najeeb finally escaped after enduring years of abuse. In Riyadh, he encountered a compassionate Malayali who assisted him in applying for a ‘free out pass’ to India.

Upon returning to India, Najeeb resumed work as a daily wage laborer. Two years later, his brother-in-law arranged for him to obtain a free visa to Bahrain, where he worked for several years. The Lulu Group offered his son Safeer a job after learning about Najeeb’s experiences.

When he returned home, he met his son Safeer who was two years old then and also has a daughter named Safeena with his wife Sabiyath. Najeeb Muhammad had to endure the tragic death of his granddaughter, Safa Mariyam, the chid of his son Safeer and his wife Mubeena. Najeeb’s age isn’t known.


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