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BTS J-Hope releases ‘Hope on the Street Volume 1’ simultaneously worldwide

BTS J-Hope (provided by Big Hit Music)

The special album ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’ will be released simultaneously worldwide at 1 PM on the 29th (Korean time).

In a handwritten letter released through his agency Big Hit Music, J-Hope said, “This is the result of preparations that may have been a bit hasty as I was busy dealing with problems before enlistment,” and added, “So, I had a lot of worries, but after many twists and turns, it came out.”

He said, “This album and content allow me to get to know my friend J-Hope a little more than usual, and it is one of the cultures that I want to continue to lead.” He added, “‘Good music makes good dance.’ This is the meaning of dance. “It’s the charm of street dance, and that’s what I want to show through this album and its content,” he said.

He added, “The excitement when something I’ve always wanted to express comes out to the world is enormous. My goal is to keep trying until this individual’s satisfaction becomes everyone’s satisfaction. Please enjoy it.”

‘Hope on the Street Volume 1′, which contains J-Hope’s original thoughts, is an album based on street dance, his artistic roots. This album includes the title song ‘NEURON (with Gaeko, Yoon Mirae)’, ‘I Wonder… (i wonder…) (with Jungkook of BTS)’, ‘Lock / Contact (lock / unlock) (with benny blanco, Nile Rodgers)’, ‘i don’t know (with Heo Yunjin of Le Seraphim)’ ’ and 4 new songs, ‘On the Street’, which was reborn as J-Hope’s solo version, and ‘What If…’ from his solo album ‘Jack in the Box’. ‘What if…’ is a dance remix of ‘(What if)’. A total of 6 songs are included, including ‘(dance mix with Jinbo the SuperFreak)’.

J-Hope participated in writing lyrics for all the songs on this album, demonstrating his capabilities as a musician. Here, artists such as BTS’s Jungkook, American producers Benny Blanco and Nile Rogers, hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, rapper Yoon Mi-rae, producer Jinbo, and Le Seraphim Heo Yun-jin contributed to realizing J-Hope’s wider musical world.

Among these, the title song ‘Neuron’ is an old school hip-hop genre from the 2000s that had the greatest influence on J-Hope. Neuron refers to both the dictionary meaning of generating electricity and transmitting information to other cells when stimulated from the outside, and the name of the dance crew he was part of before his debut. Through this song, J-Hope sings about his musical roots, motivation in life, and expectations for a new start.

In particular, J-Hope’s ‘Hope on the Street’ project was organically combined with this new album. J-Hope expressed the message he wanted to convey in a three-dimensional way by producing a documentary series and a special album of the same name based on street dance, his beginning and roots. This project will then conclude with the ‘Hope on the Street Pop-up’ held in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul from the 30th to April 5th.

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