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Who is MLB reporter Taylor Mathis as she goes viral on Instagram

Here is all you need to know about sports journalist Taylor Mathis including her career, bio and more as she goes viral on Instagram

Taylor Mathis was once fired form her job. Beacause she entered her sister’s second-grade classroom in Illinois and discussed March Madness with the students as a math lesson, she was fired from her position as host and analyst at SuperBook last year, as per reports.

She didn’t instruct these second graders on how to register an account at a sportsbook, put a parlay, or use the bonus system. She entered the second-grade classroom of her sister and discussed the numbers that accompanied each member of the team.

Who is MLB reporter Taylor Mathis as she goes viral on Instagram after 2024 opening day

However, Mathis received an email one Saturday morning from her supervisor at SuperBook. She was informed that a gaming reform group sent an email to SuperBook. The group accused SuperBook; and Mathis in particular; of child grooming.

Mathis was instructed to take down the tweet and apologise. which she did right away.

Who is Taylor Mathis?

Taylor Mathis is a sports reporter, host, betting analyst, social media influencer and video making extraordinaire. She is an anchor for NTV in Kearney, Nebraska and KFXL out of Lincoln. She often Tweets and posts about sports related content on her accounts. She has studied journalism at University Iowa.

She has risen through the ranks after beginning her career at an ABC affiliate in southwest Nebraska. When she was seven years old, she went to her first professional baseball game and became enthralled with the reporters on the field.

She has held positions with a number of well-known companies, including Comcast SportsNet in Chicago, where she generated content and handled behind-the-scenes work in addition to gaining experience in on-air television broadcasting, and CBS Radio in Chicago, where she worked as a radio broadcaster.

She is also a beauty enthusiast. She has a YouTube account where the stunning blonde has amassed around 20.2k subscribers. According to her YouTube bio: My channel combines two of my passions, my first love of my life, sports and my second favorite thing beauty and fashion!”

On her Instagram with the username @tmathsports, she has 209k followers as of this writing where she often posts her video in MLB stadiums and fashion.

A look at Taylor Mathis’ family

Not much is known about Taylor Mathis’ family, however, she has a sister who is a teacher and her mother has been teaching kindergarten for 33 since many years now.


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