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Who is influencer Ruchika Lohiya as Orry threatens to sue her over video, biography, age, height and Instagram

Ruchika Lohiya is a content creator and writer, have a look at her bio, age and height

Find out more about her and her recent controversy.

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Recently, content creator Ruchika Lohiya received a harsh warning from well-known influencer Orry over a widely shared Instagram video.

It all happened because, at a public gathering, Lohiya said that Orry refused to shake her hand and instead gave her a fist bump. In her video, Lohiya said, “He couldn’t even touch my hand,” and she said Orry’s management asked that no pictures be taken.

Who is social media influencer Ruchika Lohiya as Orry threatens to sue her over video, biography, age, height and Instagram

In response to these accusations, Orry angrily denied Ruchika Lohiya’s assertions, stating that he did not know her and that she was not a close friend. He expressed his preference for exercising care while interacting with strangers, citing worries about possible pathogens and other things.

Orry defended his actions, noting that, despite Lohiya’s disregard for his manager’s instructions, he still extended a friendly fist bump. He expressed contempt for what he saw as Lohiya’s attention-seeking behavior and questioned the purpose of her video. Orry called her actions cunning and shameless, accusing her of trying to gain influence at his expense.

With a bold move, Orry made it clear that he intended to sue Ruchika Lohiya for slander. He reiterated that legal action was already underway and stressed the need to obtain CCTV evidence to bolster his claims.

Since then, Lohiya has become the talk of the town, with many people trying to learn more about her. So, let’s find out everything about her:

Who is Ruchika Lohiya?

Age 22 Ruchika Lohiya whose height stands at 5 feet 5 inches is a social media influencer, online content creator, and writer. She has been in the news because Orry filed a lawsuit against her for propagating alleged false propaganda against him.

She was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to her LinkedIn, Lohiya graduated with a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking and advertising from Whistling Woods International in Mumbai.

Ruchika Lohiya has looked at a number of different professions, such as acting, modeling, fashion blogging, and launching a furniture company. From an early age, she demonstrated her business flair by selling paper cards and envelopes while still in the fifth grade.

She did, however, experience mental health issues throughout her career, including sleep issues. But in these moments, she found comfort in penning poems. She changed her attention to releasing poetry and narrative programs on social media. This helped her develop a sizable global audience.

Ruchika currently works at Priti International as a writer full-time.

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