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Who is IIT Kanpur graduate Rituj Beniwal who died in bike accident in Gurugram, biography, age and death reason

We examine the circumstances leading to the death of the 27-year-old computer engineer and IIT Kanpur graduate Rituj Beniwal, who died after a gruesome bike accident

On Friday morning, a 27-year-old computer engineer lost his life after his motorcycle, traveling at high speed, crashed into a divider and electric pole in front of a building in DLF Cyber City, Gurugram.

Who is IIT Kanpur graduate Rituj Beniwal who died in bike accident in Gurugram, biography, age and cause of death reason

Unfortunately, the impact caused the motorcycle to split into two pieces, resulting in the immediate death of the rider. As per reports, this accident occurred at 6:10 AM when 27 year old Rituj Beniwal was speeding on his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10 towards Delhi from Chakkarpur.

Sandeep Kumar, spokesperson for the Gurugram police, stated that through police investigations, it became evident that the victim had been traveling at an extremely high speed on his motorcycle. Consequently, he lost control and collided with the divider and electric pole situated in front of building number 8 of DLF Cyber City. Kumar further mentioned that the accident resulted in the victim’s body and motorcycle breaking into two parts.

How did Rituj Beniwal die?

Rituj, originally from Jaipur and presently living in the Sushant Lok area of Gurugram, served as a computer engineer at Logic Fruit Technologies, located in Gurugram. Police investigations indicate that Beniwal might have been driving at a speed ranging between 130-140 km/h during the accident, deduced from the severity of damage. Notably, Beniwal’s family hasn’t expressed any doubts regarding foul play and hasn’t lodged a First Information Report (FIR).

Beniwal, holding degrees in both BTech and MTech from IIT-Kanpur, had been working with Logic Fruit Technologies, located in Gurugram, for the past three years. According to his flat mate Shantam Sharma, Beniwal often enjoyed riding his superbike on weekends and holidays. On the morning of Good Friday, Beniwal left his residence at 6 AM dressed in biking attire.

Tragically, a mere ten minutes later, he lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a devastating collision. The impact was so severe that parts of the motorcycle and the victim’s body were found 20-30 meters apart. A police team from DLF Phase-2 police station in Gurugram was able to identify the victim and promptly informed his family members. Following an autopsy conducted on Friday, the body was returned to the victim’s family.


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