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Who is Delhi yoga teacher Suhail Ansari as his video sparks massive controversy

Self-described “yoga teacher” Suhail Ansari is under fire for instructing ladies in yoga inappropriately with his video and controversy now viral

Here is all you need to know about him.

Suhail Ansari who calls himself a Yog Guru, is under fire for teaching woman yoga but inappropriately.

Originating in ancient India, yoga is a collection of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that seek to recognise a detached witness-consciousness that is unaffected by the mind (Chitta) and ordinary suffering (Duḥkha), as well as to control and silence the mind.

Who is Delhi yoga teacher Suhail Ansari as his video sparks massive controversy on Instagram and Twitter/X

Yoga is practiced all throughout the world, both traditional and modern, with a vast range of schools, practices, and purposes found in Hinduism, Buddhism ans Jainism.

Meanwhile, Suhail Ansari, a yoga instructor, is drawing harsh criticism for instructing students; particularly women; inappropriately following his way of teaching yoga which is different for sure.

After multiple videos of the yoga instructor went popular on social media platform X, he gained notoriety as people debated whether or not yoga was practiced there. Many users on social media have questioned if this is the proper method of teaching yoga and I’d such type is permitted, inappropriate touching of women.

One user wrote: “What kind of Yoga is this that is being taught by this Suhail Ansari??”

A user replied to the post:

Indian govt needs to create a yoga board, and only certified and trained teachers can teach yoga.”

Another replied:


There are more such so-called dance & other trainers.

One has to maintain decency & professional conduct but these guys don’t care… Girls need to rethink & keep in mind how they are slowly being programmed for something much more malicious.”

While this is all going on and he is gaining alot of attention for wrong reasons, people arr curious to know more about him. Let us have a look at who Suhail Ansari is.

Who is Suhail Ansari?

Suhail Ansari is a self proclaimed Yoga Guru and instructor. As per his Instagram bio, he currently resides in Delhi and is an International Yoga Champion and International Yoga Teacher.

He has around 144k followers on his Instagram account with the username @suhailansariyoga, as of this writing.


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