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Dreams of a Wage Slave – Rasmussen wants a new war – 2024-03-28 10:47:27

Author: Elchin Alioglu

Source: Trend

Interesting processes are taking place in Yerevan, and they currently have two channels: the first direction is the subject of “Prospects of Armenia-EU cooperation and closer contacts with Western politicians”, which is being rapidly developed at the behest of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and the second direction is the reduction of the number of Russian military personnel in Armenia as part of reducing dependence on Russia. are attempts aimed at establishing

According to the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Alen Simonyan, the issue of the withdrawal of members of the Border Troops of the Federal Security Service of Russia from the “Zvartnots” airport in Yerevan has already been fully resolved.

A. Simonyan said that the Russian border guards will leave “Zvartnots” by August 1.

According to him, Yerevan and Moscow are no longer discussing this issue.

In this way, Nikol Pashinyan’s team wants to show that it will continue its pro-Western policy more actively and is determined to get rid of dependence on Russia.

For this reason, Alen Simonyan speaks “courageously” to Moscow, but at the same time, he emphasizes that Armenia has no intention of rapidly cooling relations with Russia.

Official Yerevan relies on promises made by the West, and among those promises are the actions of Western politicians.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former prime minister of Denmark and the former secretary general of NATO, stands out among the puppets who are apparently zealous for Armenians and constantly try to demonstrate that they support them with all their might.

Rasmussen, who created and headed a “high-level group” called the “Network of Friends of Armenia”, issued a report on behalf of this group.

The report “Deepening EU-Armenia relations: more Europe in Armenia, more Armenia in Europe” contains the following “advice” to the heads of state and government, as well as politicians of the European Union (EU) countries:

1. Armenia should be presented with the status of a candidate country for EU membership

2. Necessary funds should be allocated to Armenia from the European Peace Fund (EPF).

3. Bilateral military and technical assistance of EU countries to Armenia should be increased

4. Joint military exercises and trainings should be held in order to increase the defense capability of Armenia

5. The field of ensuring Armenia’s security should be reformed

6. Control over Armenia’s borders should be strengthened

7. Armenia should be offered membership of the European Energy Union

8. Armenia’s food security should be strengthened

9. Negotiations should be started between the European Union and Armenia regarding the liberalization of the visa regime

10. Armenia should be assisted in leaving the Eurasian Economic Union

11. Although the interests of Turkey and Azerbaijan intersect, they are not identical: for this reason, high-level negotiations between Yerevan and Ankara should be started, concrete steps should be taken to normalize relations and open borders.

12. The staff and capabilities of the European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA) should be increased.

… As you can see, the document prepared by Rasmussen and his puppet team consisting of “formers” gathered at his head is not a report, but a simple propaganda aimed at supporting Armenia on the broadest level.

Considering that Rasmussen Global consulting company, owned by A. Rasmussen, signed an agreement with the official Yerevan, there is nothing accidental.

While on a visit to Armenia last year, Rasmussen came to the conventional state border with Azerbaijan, took a photo session near the checkpoint on the Hekari River, and shared it on his social media profiles.

Later, he prepared and disseminated a report on the “necessity of protecting the rights and ensuring the security” of Karabakh Armenians.

During the same visit, an agreement on “cooperation and lobbying activities” was signed between the consulting company “Rasmussen Global” and Yerevan.


That document was updated in the meeting between A. Rasmussen and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the international security conference held in Munich in February last year.

In other words, A. Rasmussen and his team are working as mercenaries within the interests of Armenia.

After being removed from the position of former Secretary General of NATO, he became a paid provocateur and a provocateur who created constant problems for his clients.

It should be recalled that 3 years ago, the authorities of Ukraine turned to A. Rasmussen to support neutralization of the risks and threats faced by the country and paid a large amount.

Rasmussen’s activities in Ukraine, on the contrary, became one of the factors that accelerated Russia’s military operations against the country.

The report prepared by the group called “Network of Friends of Armenia” is a text written based on the wishes, desires and demands of the official Yerevan.

As for the leadership of the European Union, Rasmussen’s group’s writing cannot be their principle of action: the EU’s interests in the South Caucasus are different, its interests are diverse.

However, in any case, Baku cannot ignore the report, which contains the narratives created on the order of Yerevan.

Especially after A. Rasmussen’s last statement about our country.

“Russia’s military operations in Ukraine showed that the European Union should do more to protect democracy in the countries of its immediate neighborhood. Considering the threats to Armenia from Azerbaijan’s attack on the ethnic Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh in 2023 and threats to Armenia from Azerbaijani forces, support for Armenia is especially relevant. I am sure. that the European Union has the necessary capabilities to support peace and stable democracy in the South Caucasus,” Rasmussen said.

Anders Rasmussen’s statement, which presents Azerbaijan as a state with an aggressive policy and an invader that attacks peaceful people, and Armenia as a democratic, attacked, Western-oriented country, is, to put it mildly, political hypocrisy.

Anders Rasmussen continues to abuse his status as former NATO Secretary General to promote his lobbying company Rasmussen Global and provide dubious lobbying and influence services. The government of Armenia, as his client, spent hundreds of thousands of US dollars on this report, which was “unceremoniously approved”.

But those funds are not for the establishment of peace in the region, but for encouraging Armenia to retaliate.

The US-Armenia-European Union joint conference to be held in Brussels on April 5 can actually be considered a declaration of regional military-political partnership.

It seems that the West has activated its efforts to realize the second Ukraine scenario in the South Caucasus and to open a second front against Russia in the region.

This is part of the plan of military intervention and pressure on Azerbaijan.

We understand and are ready for the scenario of development of events in any direction.

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