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What is the meaning of the ‘Click Here’ trend on Twitter/X as meme goes viral

Know the viral ‘Click Here’ meme trend, which has been in use by various popular brands and football clubs including FC Barcelona and PSG on Twitter/X

Recently, a new meme has surfaced on X, bringing amusement to the online community. Users share images labeled ‘click here’ with an arrow pointing to the bottom left corner, encouraging viewers to click on the ‘ALT Text’ button. This button, an accessibility feature on X, allows users to add descriptions to images.

What is the meaning of the ‘Click Here’ trend on Twitter/X explained as meme goes viral

Like most social media trends, the ‘Click Here’ trend is expected to diminish soon. Nevertheless, its decline will draw attention to the importance of accessibility settings, as this trend has sparked more controversy than others. Visually impaired individuals have reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with the meme’s exploitation of the ALT Text feature, considering it disrespectful and exclusive.

What is the meaning of ‘Click Here’ trend?

According to reports, a viral meme circulating on X (formerly Twitter) features an image with an arrow pointing to the bottom left corner, where it prompts users to click on the ‘ALT Text’ button. This button in X helps visually impaired users by providing descriptive text for images. However, football clubs have begun using this feature to convey short messages to their fans.

Barcelona utilized their alt text to express, ‘If you’re reading this, you’re a culer,’ while PSG Feminine declared their advancement to the semi-final stage. This trend of conveying messages through alt text is embraced by multiple platforms, including political parties, sports clubs, football teams, and many notable personalities. Many fans were left confused by these posts, as they struggled to grasp the trend and voiced their confusion in the comments.

How the netizens reacted to this viral trend?

This feature is especially important for visually impaired users who rely on screen readers to navigate and understand content on the platform. However, there’s been some controversy surrounding the use of the meme involving the ALT Text feature. Some users have criticized the meme, claiming it’s disrespectful to the visually impaired community. Meanwhile, others have expressed frustration with the trend.


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