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Those who threatened to shut down the number are no longer in good hands, the government said ‘complain immediately’ – 2024-03-30 18:40:24

2024-03-30 18:40:24
The Department of Telecommunication is taking cyber crime complaints seriously. This is the reason why people are asked to be cautious about this from time to time. Now the government organization has created awareness regarding WhatsApp security. People have been asked to be cautious about calls coming from foreign numbers. DoT said that if any such number is found in which users are being threatened, they will be immediately blocked.

How to stay safe-
Now the question comes that how can you stay safe? If you too are troubled by such calls and want to stay safe, then there is only one way. You should know about it in time. According to the notification issued by DoT, you should not share personal information on any such number. Such decisions are being taken to prevent cyber crime and financial fraud.

Apart from foreign numbers, some calls also come from Indian numbers. In this, users are told that their number is about to be disconnected and to save it they are asked to share some personal information. In case of not doing so, users are also threatened with taking strict action.

Which numbers should you be careful with?
DoT said that if you receive a call from the number (+92-xxxxxxxxx) on WhatsApp, you should immediately be alert because this is not an Indian number. Due to having a foreign number, users may get cheated.

Where to complain?As soon as such calls come, you will have to immediately go to ‘Sanchar Sathi Portal’. After going here you will have to go to the ‘Report Suspected Fraud Communication Chakshu’ option. After reading the guidelines you will have to continue. OTP will come on the mobile number and after verification your complaint will be registered. You can also lodge a complaint by calling 1030.

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