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Top 10 list of the highest team powerplay score in IPL history

Know which team holds the record of scoring most runs after the powerplay in IPL, as SRH scored 125-runs after six overs against DC along with the list of the highest score in IPL history

In a high-scoring match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) displayed an outstanding batting performance, securing a commanding 67-run victory over the Delhi Capitals (DC). SRH’s batsmen delivered a memorable performance, setting a challenging target of 267 runs for the hosts.

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Top 10 full list of the highest team powerplay score in IPL history

Throughout the match, SRH seemed poised to surpass the 300-run mark. SRH’s aggressive start saw them amass 125 runs in the powerplay, setting a new milestone in IPL history. With a final score of 266, SRH now holds the distinction of recording the fourth-highest total in IPL history.

What is the latest IPL record by SRH?

Saturday night witnessed Sunrisers Hyderabad achieving a remarkable feat against Delhi Capitals in Delhi as they amassed an impressive 125 runs without losing any wickets in the first six overs. Travis Head displayed a breathtaking performance, scoring 84 runs off 26 balls, complemented by Abhishek Sharma’s 40 runs off just 10 balls.

This exceptional display set a new standard for powerplay scores in IPL history, surpassing the previous record held by Nottinghamshire against Durham in 2017. SRH’s aggressive batting approach paved the way for this historic achievement, showcasing their dominance in the league’s opening partnerships. Despite their formidable start, they fell short of their previous record total of 287 runs after 20 overs, finishing with 267 runs.

Travis Head contributed 89 runs off 32 deliveries, Abhishek Sharma added 46 runs from 12 deliveries, and Shahbaz Ahmed scored 59 runs from 29 deliveries. In response, Delhi Capitals could only muster 199 runs, conceding defeat by a margin of 68 runs to Sunrisers Hyderabad. This victory solidifies SRH’s position as a potent force in batting for the 2024 season.

Indian Premier League: fastest powerplay totals and record holders

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