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Together with the residents of Voskepar, we formed a coordinating headquarters for “Armenian Statehood”. Suren Petrosyan – 2024-04-03 09:58:23

2024-04-03 09:58:23

Voskepar, which is no longer only the focus of the uprising, but also the focus of the struggle for Armenian statehood, was the beginning of the revolt against the unilateral surrender of the strategically important territories of Tavush region by the government and the anti-state policy. Suren Petrosyan, the chairman of the “Democratic Unification” party, announced this on his Facebook page.

“Given the deep nationwide crisis, it is now imperative that representatives of every layer of the nation (from cultural to military figures, including the diaspora) express their position not only in words, but also in behavior in the created difficult situation, standing next to the goldsmith, at the same time making the local struggle nationwide.

After the conspiratorial loss of Artsakh, destroying also the security (spiritual and physical) system of the Republic of Armenia, the current administration is going to hand over the strategically important areas of Tavush marz at the unilateral demand of Baku, which will deal an irreversible blow to the statehood of Armenia.

The threat to Voskepar, Kirants, Baghanis, Berkaber and other border settlements of RA is a national and national challenge, which concerns both all citizens of RA and all Armenians, because the issue of Armenian statehood will be decided here.

Considering the above, we, a group of citizens representing different professional fields, left for Voskepar in order to stand by the village residents, to make the struggle nationwide and bring it to a victorious end.

Based on the above goals, as well as for the purpose of forming a united front and coordinating all the works (including a unified information center), we formed the “For Armenian Statehood” coordinating headquarters together with the residents of the village,” he wrote.

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