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A poet whose personality and creativity are valuable – 2024-04-03 09:49:29

2024-04-03 09:49:29

Fuad Kahramanli, a member of the APCP Presidium

Today is the birthday of a lady who is valuable for her personality and creativity. There is no difference between knowing him closely and knowing him from afar. Because this lady, whose personality is intact, whose principles are clear, whose thoughts and feelings are expressed in her poems, has an identity that is as it seems, as it appears to be. Therefore, everyone who knows him from near and far has deep respect for him.
I have used the phrase “great poet” about Saadet Jahangir many times while commenting on his poems. The greatness of the poet lies in the meaning and value he puts on words, in turning into words the pains and sorrows that are unbearable and unbearable, and sometimes in words, the fragile emotions like drops from the filled eyes, and in painting the picture of the human soul with expressions. Therefore, the more free the words of the poetess Saadat are, the more they are doomed to bear the burden of the sufferings of the human heart and soul.
His poems are the voices of sorrows, endless longing, failed dreams that become unattainable like dreams, failed loves crucified in their sufferings, hopes of freedom condemned to prison in despots’ depravity.
In Saadat’s poetry, there is the wisdom of a dervish watching the world in his worldly position, a Sufi monument waving its hand to the endless struggles of humanity, its battles for status and wealth, and the emptiness of the world.
“The blood of the martyrs is not dry, write me from the martyrs instead of birthday greetings,” it is a matter of pride for everyone who knows and loves him to be a companion of a poet with a humble heart.
Happy birthday, sister.

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