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Throne of Seal episode 110 release date, time and where to watch ep English subtitles online

Episode 110 of the popular fantasy and romantic Chinese anime Throne of Seal will air soon, know the release date and spoilers of the episode here

In the previous episode, we saw that the demon hunter team was worried as Cai Er and Long Haochen had not returned yet. The ban on Yue Yue disappeared and she sensed something wrong. Long Hoahcen returned with injured Cai Er and collapsed. His team tried healing them but the medicines were not working. If you are also following the anime series Throne of Seal and are excited for episode 110, we have got you covered here.

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Throne of Seal anime episode 110 release date, time and where to watch ep English subtitles online

Ye Xiaole arrived there and everyone was glad to see her. She informed them that both of them especially Haochen were severely injured. All his bones and meridians are crushed and only half breath is remaining. As for Cai Er, she was hit back by God’s blessing. It means that something might have gone wrong with god’s blessing restructuring process. Now, they must return to the Alliance soon in order to save Haochen and Cai Er.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Cai Er will lose her memories. She will start attacking her team and everyone will be surprised to see her increase in strength. According to the novel, Cai Er also became bold after losing her memory.

Throne of Seal episode 110 release date, and time

Fans will be happy to know that the release date of the popular action and fantasy anime series Throne of Seal Episode 110 (season 3 episode 58) is June 05, 2024. You can watch this episode at the given times:

  • Eastern Standard Time – 9:00 pm, June 05
  • Indian Standard Time – 7:30 pm, June 05
  • Greenwich Mean Time – 1:00 pm, June 05
  • Pacific Standard Time – 6:00 am, June 05

Where to watch Throne of Sea episode 110?

Fans can stream Throne of Seal episode 110 on the YouTube Channel of Tencent Video-Animation and We TV with English subtitles. Demon Crown Prince has issued a large bounty for the Hoahcne and Cai Er. The demon-hunting team fought hard to take out Long Hoahcen from the area. Luckily, Hao Yu completed his transformation and saved Haochen.

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