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Ancient and beautiful Nakhchivan, wonders and sights with Murad Arif – PHOTO – 2024-03-31 08:56:28

2024-03-31 08:56:28

The concert of the popular performer, TV presenter, composer, producer, showman, hit writer Murad Arif was held in Nakhchivan with great success and excitement, Day.Az reports.

The speech was also aimed at promoting the rich tourism potential of this region of Azerbaijan.

“Nakhchivan is a land of breathtaking landscapes, amazingly beautiful architecture and unique cuisine. This region is rich in monuments that are the national treasure of our country,” noted Murad Arif.

Nakhchivan, which is more than 3,500 years old, delights the eye with ancient and modern buildings. It is recognized as the site of the first human settlements in the region. According to historical data, the city of Nakhchivan itself was founded in 1539-1500 BC. The earliest mentions of it belong to the Roman historian Josephus (1st century BC) and the Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemy (2nd century BC).

Among the unique architectural monuments of Nakhchivan are the monument of rock carvings of Gamigaya with petroglyphs of the 3rd-2nd millennium BC, the Alindzha Fortress of the 6th-7th centuries, the Momine Khatun Mausoleum of the 12th century, the Tomb of Yusif ibn Kuseir of the 12th century, the Gulistan Mausoleum of the 13th century, the Ordubad Ice Storage Facility of the 14th century. centuries, the baths of Ismayil Khan (XVIII – XIX centuries), the Palace of the Nakhchivan Khans of the 18th century, Imamzadeh’s tomb, Zaviya madrasah, Juma mosque, etc.

Driving along the scenic road to Ordubad, you will see the legendary crevice on the top of Mount Ilandag, which, according to legend, was formed due to a collision with Noah’s Ark. Also here, on the territory called Kekhnya-gala, is located one of the main shrines – the mausoleum-turbe – the Tomb of the Prophet Nukh (in the biblical version – Noah). In addition, here is the sanctuary of Ashabu-Kahf, which is mentioned in the Koran.

Nakhchivan is also famous for its mineral springs, there are about 250 of them, the most popular are Sirab and Badamli. There are also the Duzdag salt mines – the oldest in the world.

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