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Telegram is famous as the most secure application – that’s why terrorists use it – 2024-03-30 21:35:45

2024-03-30 21:35:45

In its Saturday feature, “24 Chasa” talks about porn uploaded without the knowledge of any of the participants, often in Telegram groups. This text is about the chat app itself.

The Durov brothers created it as a response to censorship by Putin, now they are accused of having logistics for the attack near Moscow pass through it

The most secure chat application, not giving access to its data to the authorities, but because of that it is used for recruiting, organizing and logistics of terrorists. This is how the Telegram instant messaging application can be briefly described.

It was created by the Russian brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram is their second joint project after Vkontakte, a social network often called the “Russian Facebook”. The reason for the creation of Telegram is actually Russian President Vladimir Putin. The tyrant, as the brothers call him, and not only, constantly intervenes through the state in the social network. Thus, after a series of conflicts with the Russian government due to censorship and problems with the protection of personal data, the Durov brothers abandoned their creation and created Telegram.

The app has multiple security features designed to protect user communications. One of its outstanding features is end-to-end encryption. This means that sent messages are only visible on the devices from which they were sent, and only one other device receives them. This ensures that only the two chatters can access the content of their messages. In addition, Telegram offers messages with automatic destruction,

allowing users to set a timer for messages to disappear after a certain period. Options are from 1 second to every month. They can be set not only for individual messages, but also for the entire chat. The app also supports two-factor authentication and offers an option for secret chats. There messages are not stored on the Telegram servers and can only be accessed on the devices participating in the conversation.

The Durov brothers’ commitment to user privacy often pits them against authorities seeking access to user data for law enforcement purposes. Their platform has faced numerous legal battles and demands from various governments to provide access to people’s communications. However, the two have consistently maintained their strong stance on protecting user privacy, refusing to cooperate with authorities or introduce a backdoor to access their encryption protocols. This principled stance has won both praise and criticism, with supporters applauding Telegram’s commitment to user privacy and critics expressing concern about its potential use by malicious individuals.

And there is actually cause for concern. Even from the last week. The suspect in the terrorist attack near Moscow, Shamsutdin Fariddun, stated during interrogation during his detention that was recruited precisely in one of the Telegram chats. This was said in a video published on the channel of the application of the editor-in-chief of the RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan.

The organizers of the terrorist attack wrote to me in a telegram – no name, no surname, nothing, he says. He admits that the contact happened after listening to a preacher on social networks.

The Kremlin’s reaction was not long in coming. We will expect increased attention from Pavel Durov, because this unique and phenomenal resource from a technological point of view, which has actually grown before our eyes, is increasingly becoming a tool in the hands of terrorists, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, joined in.

And while Telegram prides itself on its privacy, there is no shortage of competition. The most popular is the signal application. WhatsApp also has an encryption feature. However, many do not believe him because he is from “Meta” – the company behind Facebook.

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Pavel Durov is the creator of Telegram together with his brother Nikolay.

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