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They are on the surface. You have to be careful

2024-05-10 15:59:17

Following the news of the sextortion planned by the detained model Viryi Meuario, in which several wealthy celebrities were victims, the top Zuny Castiñeira spoke about it and considers this a crime that should be punished.

“People consider it a crime, but for me it is a crime. If they simply invade privacy, it is considered a crime, but if it is extortion it is a crime, which should be punished. Extortion is something worse than blackmail, you don’t know how to defend yourself. He who blackmails you at least gives you a chance, but he who extorts is much more serious,” he’i.

“You have to know how to distinguish, it’s the same thing that kidnappers do, you don’t know how to defend yourself, you have to pay a ransom. In the case of extortion, if you do not want your intimate things to be disclosed, even more so when it is a married or engaged person, then they will do this type of thing to you,” he mentioned.

Zuny continued saying that in these times, technology has advanced a lot. “You don’t know where they put a microphone on you or where they film you,” he said.

In this regard, he recommended being careful with sending compromising photos. “Extortion is rampant, people today do anything for money, we must ask Parliament to classify this as a crime,” he concluded by saying.

2024-05-10 15:59:17

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